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Plus Model Radio Host Chenese Lewis Says, “I think women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful and should all be celebrated without limitations.”

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Chenese Lewis is a positive body image and self-esteem advocate. She is the current President of the Hollywood Chapter of the National Organization for Women, the Ambassador of the Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA), sits on the Celebrity Board of the non-profit organization Fed Up, Inc., and made history by being the first woman crowned Miss Plus America in 2003. Her unique story and prestigious career have been featured by countless media outlets such as Dr. Phil, The Insider, E! News, EXTRA, The National Examiner, iVillage, Figure Magazine and USA Today. Lewis is the creator and host of Hollywood NOW’s “Love Your Body Day,” an annual event where women of all sizes come together to celebrate a day of self-acceptance, to promote positive body image and to show that you don’t have to be a size 0 to be beautiful. Her 2010 Love Your Body Campaign, where she posed nude with America’s Next Top Model, Whitney Thompson, garnered international media attention and magnified her role as a leading positive body image advocate. Chenese attributes her success by not conforming to society’s ideals of beauty but rather showing by example that you can be beautiful and confident regardless of your size. Chenese Lewis is the epitome of the plus-size woman.

Please tell us when and how you got your start in the modeling world.

The first time I learned that plus models exist was in the summer of 2000 when a convention came to my town looking specifically for plus-size models. I went to the open call and was chosen to go to their convention, I thought I was on my way to the top! But it turns out nothing much came out of the convention, besides lots of money gone down the drain. After I came home, I decided to research more online, through which I discovered the plus community. Through my research, I found that I didn’t have the stats to be a agency repped model at the top agencies. I was very disappointed and confused as to why I was the right size to shop in plus-size clothing stores but not the right size to model for them. However, I didn’t let it discourage me, and although I still have limited  opportunities available to me as a plus size model, I’ve found my niche in the community in other ways and try to get in front of the camera whenever I can!

Do you feel plus modeling is helping to redefine beauty?

I think it has helped to redefine beauty to a degree. I think plus models have helped by showing curvier, healthier physiques in main stream media, which is great. But in all honestly, a lot of industry plus models should be on the straight board, and some women who would be fabulous plus-size models don’t get a chance.  I understand that models don’t represent the average woman, however that in itself perpetrates unrealistic ideas of beauty in some ways. The fact that a plus size model and a plus size woman is not necessarily the same thing, limits the amount of redefining the industry truly has. I think women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful and should all be celebrated without limitations.

We would love to hear about “Love Your Body Day”!

The National Organization of Women created Love Your Body Day in 1998. When I joined the Hollywood chapter they weren’t doing anything to celebrate the day, since I was already doing things to promote positive body images and it’s my passion, I was appointed Love Your Body chairperson of the local chapter and was able to completely create and execute what I envisioned a Love Your Body Day celebration to be. 2010 marked the 5th year I produced the event and every year it gets bigger and better! Hollywood NOW Love Your Body Day is a free community event for women of all shapes and sizes that promotes positive body image. The day consists of entertainment, free goodies, vendors, and a fashion show. Hollywood NOW Love Your Body Day has grown into a weekend of events that includes a launch party and body image panel discussion as well.

Hollywood NOW’s Love Your Body Day is not only about promoting healthy body image, but also promoting diversity, ending racism, stopping violence against women, and marriage equality.  When you meet others who are struggling with these issues, what advice do you give to them? Where do you tell them to go to find inspiration and support?

Love Your Body Day is basically about body image. However, that day is only one small part of what the organizations focuses on and fights for. As you mentioned, the organization, in addition to promoting healthy body image, also promotes a host of other issues that are important to women. Besides inspiring women to be better the organization focuses on action by working to change laws and fighting injustice.

The photographs of yourself and Whitney Thompson are gorgeous. Not only showing both of your individual beauty, but also the beauty of women supporting women…friendship. I think the feelings behind the photographs and what you both stand for is truly beautiful. Please tell us about the photo shoot with Whitney.

Whitney is a champion for positive body image and passionate about it like myself, so I thought she would be a perfect fit to host this year’s Love Your Body Day festivities. Every year I have a photo shoot with the celebrity host, but none have gotten close to the attention of this year’s photo shoot. Whitney is a top model so I let her create the concept for the photo shoot and she suggested nude, although I had reservations about doing it, I was all for it because I knew it would get a lots of attention, but I had no idea how much! The nude Love Your Body campaign we did together literally created an international media buzz; it was on every major blog and entertainment website in the world. We even got to do an interview for E! News and all the attention helped make this year an overwhelming success. It was really great working with her and I think she’s an awesome model.

As the host of Plus Model Radio, have you ever been star struck by one of your guests on your show? If you could interview anyone in the world, who would it be? Why?

Yes, I have been star stuck before. The one interview that comes to mind is Emme! You would have never known listening to the interview because I know how not to let my nerves show and move forward with whatever I’m doing. Besides the radio is a breeze compared to being on camera or publicly speaking at an event. If I could interview anyone in the world, it would be Oprah! I love her and she is such an inspiration to me. She is plus size, so she would totally qualify to be a guest on the show.

Have you ever struggled with self-esteem or body image issues in the past? If  so, how did you reach the point of accepting and loving yourself? What advice would you give to young girls and women who are currently struggling?

No, I’ve never had that problem. I am very fortunate that I was never criticized or belittled for my weight growing up. As a result, I never thought there was anything wrong with me because of my size. I had a very happy childhood and in high school was very social and popular. A lot of people ask me this questions and I think the question we should start asking women is when did you learn to hate yourself and your body, because I don’t think a child comes into the world with those insecurities, it’s a result of your environment and influences. I would tell someone struggling with low self-esteem and body image issues to stop being your own worst critic, you are beautiful just the way you are, and if anyone in your life is telling you otherwise, get rid of the negativity.

Have you read any good books that help promote positive self-esteem and healthy body image that you would recommend for girls, pre-teens, teens, or women?

Yes, I would recommend “Good Girls Don’t Get Fat” by Dr. Robyn Silverman

What do you wish you would have known at age 13?

I wish I would have known that I wanted to pursue a career in entertainment, so I could have gotten started earlier and be further along in my career! However, I believe everything happens for a reason and I wouldn’t change a thing about the path that has led me to where I am today!

What kinds of pressures do you see the girls in your life facing these days?  What can we as mentors do to better address these issues?

I don’t have kids, or sisters, or nieces so I don’t really have lots of young girls in my personal life. However, I think young girls these days have tons of pressures on them that goes beyond body image. With the internet age they have everything at their finger tips, good and bad, so they know everything and see everything weather it is appropriate or not. I’m a firm believer that it all starts at home and we as mentors have to set a positive example by not only what we say, but more importantly our actions. For instance, you can’t tell a girl that she is beautiful regardless of her size but then you are constantly obsessing about your weight and criticizing yourself, which has a greater impact on her.

How do you define beauty?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We all have our own individual standards of beauty, which is influenced by our families and cultural backgrounds. For me personally, I rely heavily on inner beauty. I’ve notice the higher regard I hold the person, the more attractive they are to me and just the opposite if their personality or behavior is less than desirable. Although I’m human and there are certain physical attributes that I prefer, especially with the opposite sex, at the end of the day I need the inside to match the outside.

What is your secret to happiness?

By living a purpose driven life and not sweating the small stuff! I am extremely blessed and living my dreams, instead of focusing on the negative I focus more on the positive and try to keep an optimistic outlook on life.

Where do you like to shop for clothes?

Literally any where that carries my size. I will shop anywhere from K-mart and Target to Nordstorms and Saks, and everywhere in between. But my three go to stores are Macys, Torrid, and Lane Bryant, and when I’m in the South I go to Dillards. When I have the time I like to go dig through Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, and Ross as well!

Favorite jeans?

I love Applebottom jeans! Not only do they fit me very well, they are hip and stylish.

What are some of your favorite beauty products or must-haves?

I love MAC cosmetics, for my hair Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Smooth -n- Hold Pudding,  I use Nair on my legs. I always have French Manicure on my nails and toes.

Lipstick or Lip gloss?

Lip gloss, I threw away all of my lipsticks a couple years ago. I like my lips super juicy! I love MAC lipgloss in C-Thru, Oh Baby, Red Russian, and Pink Poodle. I also like over the counter lip glosses like Milani Buzz Worthy Lip Gloss and L’oreal Colour Juice Sheer Lip Gloss.

What beauty invention has made the greatest impact on your life?

That’s a tough one! I would have to say hair weave/extensions…LOL

What is your signature scent?

White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor, I’ve worn several other fragrances, but that’s what my mom wears and I just started doing the same.

On a day off, what would your perfect day be like?

Either a pamper day where I get my hair, nail, toes, and eyebrows done or a day full of shopping! Hanging out on the beach is fun too!

What achievement are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of having the guts to pose naked in front of the world!

Who is your role model or hero?  Why?

My ultimate role models are my parents because they are who I look to for characteristics and qualities to emulate in my life. However, for career and business Oprah Winfrey!

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

The best advice I’ve been given is to never compromise my morals and values, and to live my life with integrity.

What do you love about yourself and why?

I literally love everything about myself. From the top of my head to the bottom of my feet, I think I’m absolutely awesome! I’m created in God’s image, no reason not to like myself!

What are you excited about right now?

I’m excited about the New Year and all the potential it holds!

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*Thank you, Chenese!


Tali Giat Talks About Hollywood, Media, Fashion, Body Image, Self-Esteem, and Empowering Girls and Women to Embrace Diversity.

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Photographed by Khala Merg

Tali Giat is best known to audiences as the winner of the wildly popular FOX television show “More To Love.”  Prior to her success on the small screen, Tali worked as wardrobe stylist and an up-and-coming plus-size model in New York City.

Tali was born in Ashquelon, Israel and is the oldest of six children. Her mission, as a spokesperson for healthy body image for women and girls, is to support initiatives that inspire a wider definition of beauty. Tali is working to empower women and contribute to the healthy body image revolution; which is to promote normal size woman in the media, marketing, entertainment, and fashion industries.

Tell us about your experience being cast on the FOX network show “More to Love” and being “the last woman standing.”

I was very excited when I received the call back that I was cast on the show. Being “the last woman standing” wasn’t an outcome anyone, especially myself, had anticipated. It was a very unique journey for me where I kept open-minded, yet genuine, and fell deeply in love. I also had the opportunity of meeting a great group of women and making great friendships. Becoming a certain role model and contributing to the representation of curvy, normal size women in Hollywood and TV, were also wonderful honors, which came along with the experience.

How do you think plus modeling and shows such as “More to Love” are helping our society to redefine beauty?

I think any opportunity where we (full-figured women) could express our voices and empower other girls, teens, and adult women to embrace our diversity and support our individuality, is bringing us one step closer to a better society and future. Whether it would be through the fashion industry, Hollywood, TV, radio, small organizations, or educational programs in schools, etc., we should all aspire to inspire. Shows like “More to Love” or the modeling industry are only helping to approach a larger amount of people; however, we must not forget that every single person can make an effective change, regardless of their social status or occupation.

Photography by Inez Lewis

Prior to your success on the small screen, you were a wardrobe stylist and up-and-coming Plus-Size Model. How did being on the show affect your career?

Being on the show has contributed to the exposure of my personality and fashion style. It helps that people have learned to know who I am as a person, and it is humbling to know that the way I dress is appealing to so many women. I believe that the clothes we choose to wear are somewhat a reflection of who we are in our personalities, so there is no ‘one way’ to dress. I am being questioned a lot for fashion advice since the show, and first I try to tell women that despite the trends, which are being fed to us by the fashion industry, there are no codes written in a book of laws, which you must follow. You need to know your own body and what makes your best parts look even better. It’s like music, you need to let it ‘speak’ to you, touch you in a way that makes you feel good, and with fashion, just like with music, it’s better if you stay open-minded to other types of ‘rhythms’, who knows – you might end up liking the song. 🙂

Are you currently modeling and styling wardrobes?

I am not styling as much as I use to before, simply because I am trying to dedicate my time to working more on being a contributing part of this amazing body and real beauty revolution, which I am so passionate about. I am currently not signed with any modeling agency, though I am looking to be picked up by one. Despite the growing plus-size industry and its growing representation in the media within the last year or so, it is still not easy to get into it professionally. This is an important subject I must admit upsets me; the industry’s requirements for accepting plus models and signing them as an official talent are still very strict. You must be no less than 5’8” in height. In reality, the average American woman (whom the rapidly growing plus-size industry is attempting to approach to) is 5’4” and a size 12-16. I strongly feel (and with much respect to my fellow friend models) that no one in the plus industry and its current working plus size models, has yet to properly represent that. I haven’t seen a single professional plus model who made a name for herself standing at less than 5’9”. However, we do have a few gorgeous celebrities who are, such as America Ferrera (5’1”) and Penelope Cruz (5’5”). This is a subject that should be brought up and discussed about in the industry. If we wish to represent reality, it is about time to open the plus industry to Petite Plus, we had it twenty years ago, and it could and should be brought back.

Photography by Inez Lewis

Have you ever struggled with self-esteem or body image issues in the past? If so, how did you reach the point of accepting and loving your body as it is?

I have struggled with self-esteem and body image issues most of my life. I think a lot of people, if not most of us do. Some more than others. I was picked on a lot throughout school years, and those feelings stayed with me for a long time after. It was eventually my move to the United States, at the age of 23, where I felt being curvy was a little bit more acceptable than where I grew up. I’ve met people, smaller and bigger than me; the smaller people were still not happy with who they are, and the bigger were so inspiring with their love for life and their love for who they are – the way they are. I’ve come to learn that no one is perfect and there is no one way to be or look. Then I slowly talked myself into embracing who I am instead of fighting it. It is too tiring. Sure, there are still things I would like to change about my body, but now it is for different reasons; not because I am pressured to look a certain way, but because I want to become healthier and in shape, so I can live a longer life in a stronger body.

As an Ambassador for Positive Body Image & Self Esteem, what advice would you give to girls and women, who are struggling with body image and self-esteem issues?

Look in the mirror; what you see is not what is, but what you tell yourself it is. The chase after perfection is a long road that hasn’t led anyone who walked it before you to its final destination yet. Why? Because such a place doesn’t exist, it is an illusion. An illusion, which we allow to be determined as a reality for us by exterior factors such as Hollywood, the media, the modeling world, and the brains behind technology. Your life is your own creation; it’s what you say it is. Shake it all off and take the control back into your own hands. I wish not to repeat the cliché about ‘you can’t expect others to accept and love you, if you don’t accept and love yourself first’, because you all already knows this. I am just going to say; try to be the change you want to see.

Photography by Inez Lewis

Where do you find stylish plus-size clothing?

Whoa… hard to pick just few; my favorite places to shop for casual/casual-dressy clothes are Forever 21, H&M, and Old Navy. For evening or dressier items, I like shopping at Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor because they offer variety of designers in affordable prices and they carry a large range of all sizes. Among my favorites are also J.Crew, Ann Taylor, and White House Black Market.

Who are some of your favorite designers?

I like to go more by looking at every design individually; the fabric and the cut a designer chose to feature in his/hers collection. So, every season my preference could change. But if I would be asked to name one absolutely INCREDIBLE designer I’m continuously impressed with every season, and I could say her runway shows in Milan leave me inspired, excited, and in a complete awe every year; I would hands down name the ridiculously talented, Italian Plus-Size Designer Elena Miro! She understands a woman’s body, and knows how to cut for curves in a brilliant way, using soft, feminine, elegant, and flattering fabrics. My long life dream is to be dressed in her designs, and more so to meet her in person.



Tali with Emmanuelle Chriqui attending the Fashion Delivers Charity event on June 15, 2010.

What are some of your beauty must haves?

1. Warm Vanilla Sugar body lotion & hand cream from Bath & Body Works is my must! I have a mini bottle I carry in each purse. (

2. Cindy Crawford’s “Meaningful Beauty” day and night facial kit; I started using it about eight months ago and it is the best product I’ve invested in! I am addicted and probably will not use any other facial product line but hers. Highly recommended; plus – it is very affordable. (

3. Cherry Chapstick. Always! 🙂

Who do you consider a hero or role model?

Besides all the brave soldiers out there, I would say all those who raise themselves above all the hard times in life, own what they need to own, grow strong, and move on. These people keep me inspired.

Tali attending Full Figured Fashion Week June 16-19, 2010 in NYC – Photographed by Richard Lew

What are you excited about right now?

This interview! 🙂

Attending the Full Figured Fashion Week last week, of which I was asked to speak at the “Aspiring Models” panel at Hotel Pennsylvania, June 18. I shared my experience and point of views regarding Reality TV and the Hollywood world.

Attending the Fashion Delivers Charitable Foundation, Inc. ( “Pay it Fashion Forward” event in support of Haiti. Bryan Greenberg from HBO’s “How to Make it in America” and Emmanuelle Chriqui from “Entourage” hosted the event June 15 at the Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge in NYC.

My Spring Fashion Spread in the May issue of Plus Model Magazine (, and the new opportunities and people, which I am hoping will come my way with my new move to the West Coast this Summer.

*Thank you, Tali!

**Do you feel like women under 5’9″ are adequately represented in the media world? Do you feel comfortable and confident with your body type? What are some of your favorite beauty must haves? Who do you consider a hero or positive role model?

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