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Kamari Brown Says, “My advice to women is instead of letting society and the media define your beauty, let it help you see how beautiful you are, just the way you are, by surrounding yourself with positive role models and people.”

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Kamari Brown is a twenty-five year old plus-size model who grew up in Seattle, Washington; England; and Germany. Kamari’s father was in the military and her family is European. She is 1/4 British, 1/4 German and 1/2 African-American. Kamari currently lives in New York City. She is signed with agencies in smaller markets and overseas in Europe and South Africa, and she is currently developing her book with her mother agent to approach the larger agencies.

How did you get started as a plus model and what does being a plus model mean to you?

I started plus-size modeling for two reasons. First, I’ve always been a creative soul, having started in acting, moved to dancing, and now modeling. For me, modeling allows me to be a different character and tell a story using the clothes, my eyes, body movement, and facial expressions. I actually find it more challenging than acting because we have less mechanisms to tell a story. But that is also why I love it more.

Second, I wanted to be part of the movement that is helping women love their body, no matter if they are a size 2 or size 20. I know personally I’ve struggled throughout the years with accepting my body the way it is, having seen only skinny models/women being deemed as beautiful. The more we infiltrate the media, the louder we are and the more lives we change.

Have you ever struggled with low self-esteem or body image issues? If so, what advice would you give to girls and women who are currently struggling?

In Seattle, where I spent a lot of my time growing up, most, if not all the women, around me were thin.  Additionally, the media was pushing images of Barbie like women in our faces, deeming them as the most beautiful. It was very difficult being a larger or big-boned (that term always made me feel better) mixed girl there. I was really uncomfortable in my own skin and body for so many years and it wasn’t until Destiny’s Child came into the scene that my views started to change. For the first time, seeing Beyonce, a woman of my complexion with hips, thick legs/thighs just like mine, being hailed as beautiful by the media and my peers around me, made me start to accept my curves and see how beautiful they were. My advice to women is instead of letting society and the media define your beauty, let it help you see how beautiful you are, just the way you are, by surrounding yourself with positive role models and people.

Who is your role model or hero? Why?

My biggest role most is Bono from U2. I love everything he stands for and I aspire to be like him. He found a way to use his love for music to help bring world issues–another one of his passions–to the forefront of the media. My biggest passion is fighting for human and animal rights. In college, I studied Human Geography, where I focused on human rights/trafficking and slum/squatter settlements. After moving to New York, I became very active with the U.S. Fund for UNICEF and ran their Tap Project campaign last year. I more recently started working with the ASPCA, an animal rights organization. I always wanted to find the vehicle to really make a difference, much like Bono, and I hope that in time, modeling can be that vehicle for me.

What do you love about yourself and why?

I’m blessed to have lived in so many places growing up from Seattle, Europe, Miami, and now New York. It changes your perspective on life and give you an insatiable appetite for life and success. I know some people I went to high school with in Seattle only ever wanted to stay there and get married. I was and still am the complete opposite of that. I want to explore the world and help people along the way and in many respects, feel like my potential and desire to conquer the world is never ending. I know no boundaries and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What are some of your favorite beauty products or must-haves?

My mum bought me a Clarisonic Mia for my birthday and that is the best thing I’ve ever used on my face! While it’s a bit expensive, it’s well worth every penny because it leaves your face clear and refreshed.

Where do you like to shop for clothes?

I have to admit, I’m an online shopping gal! I buy mostly from English stores that deliver here, ASOS is one of my favorites and they just opened an American version of their site. I also love Dorothy Perkins, Monsoon, Top Shop, and H&M. I’m a walking advertisement for them (H&M). They really should hire me to model for them, I rock out their clothes like nobody’s business. 😉 Plus, they just started a plus line… there is no reason to not hire me now!

Celebrity Crush?

David Beckham!

What does being healthy mean to you?

I believe being healthy means feeling good in your own skin and being confident. For me, feeling good is a balance between getting all the nutrients I need as a vegetarian, working out about 3-4x a week, and treating myself to my favorite foods once or twice a week.  I don’t believe in diets because they are gimmicks to lose weight fast in an unhealthy manner. If you eat well, work out, and treat yourself occasionally, you’ll feel good on the inside, which shows on the outside.

I could never have enough…

Protein shakes and Indian cuisine! Being a vegetarian, I’ve always struggled getting enough protein, so protein shakes are a great way to get the daily protein I need and recover from my intense workouts.  Plus, they taste like dessert, and who doesn’t love that? And Indian cuisine has the most vegetarian options on a menu, all of which I love. I’m not a big fan of soy meats, I actually just prefer true vegetable dishes, which Indian and Thai restaurants have.

What do you love about NYC?

I love being around all the different cultures and having access to some of the best food in the world, except I haven’t found a place yet that has proper English Chips! I will say that New York City is the only place in the States that I felt like I fit in. Because the norm here is being YOU and not conforming to anything, I feel really comfortable here.

You also work at MTV. Tell us about working at MTV and who are you currently listening to?

I work in Integrated Marketing at MTV, where especially we integrate clients into our programming and/or build custom programs for them on-air, online, on-the-ground, and mobile. The best example of what we do is the MTV TJ Search, which was a custom program we built for ZYNC from American Express, and the winner was actually a beautiful plus gal, Gabi Gregg. I have to say, I’m really lucky to have a job that I love and am excited to go to each day. There are always celebrity sitings in our building and concerts on my floor – Graffiti6 was the most recent. I have the biggest crush on the lead singer, Jaime Scott, he’s delicious!

As far as what I’m currently listening to, I would say I’m listening to a lot of Graffiti6 and Ke$ha. I’ve also been listening to a lot of 90’s grunge/alternative music, like R.E.M., Stone Temple Pilots, Oasis, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, etc. I was lucky enough to live in Seattle during the 90’s when these bands were up-and-coming and it was an incredible time to be there and be part of the movement.

Where would you love to see yourself in 10 years?

Married to David Beckham, living in London with our beautiful mixed children. That’s pretty realistic, right? 🙂  I would love to a successful plus model who is traveling the world, working with NGO’s to help people in developing countries, and be a visual and influential advocate for human/animal rights.

Thank you, Kamari!


Sheridan Watson, Winner of Tyra Banks 1st Fiercely Real Teen Model Search, Says “Finally, I realized that enough is enough and I decided just to live my life instead of waiting for it to ‘begin’.”

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Sheridan Watson is from West Orange, New Jersey. She graduated from The Montclair Kimberley Academy in Montclair, New Jersey. Sheridan is attending the University of Southern California majoring in Film and minoring in Spanish and Italian. Some of Sheridan’s clients include, Macy’s American Rag, Macy’s Her Catalogue, Ashley Stewart, Charming Shoppes, Favianna, Torrid, Faith 21, Plus Model Magazine, and she walked for the Susan Moses Collection for Full Figured Fashion Week.

How did you hear about Tyra’s Show “Fiercely Real Teen Model Search” and what made you decide to enter?

Back in February, my friends and I were playing around on our laptops at school when we stumbled upon a link to Tyra’s Fiercely Real Teen Model Search. We explored around the site for a few minutes and my friends told me that I had to do it. We all sort of forgot about it, but then a couple of weeks later I just sort of said, “Why not?” and took some photos on Photobooth and sent them in. Soon after, I was driving into New York and filming for The Tyra Banks Show.

Tell us about your experience meeting Tyra Banks for the first time?

Meeting Tyra was a little nerve-racking but to tell you the truth that whole day was a blur. I don’t even remember waking up! I think I was just sort of on a high throughout the day at the fact that I was even there, let alone that I won.

Did Tyra give you any advice?

I do remember all the advice Tyra gave me. Most of it had to do with particular poses, how to form shapes with my body. The best advice was probably when she said, “I know this hurts, but trust me it looks great!” I’ve never had a photo shoot where I didn’t recant that statement over and over again for motivation!

Where do you like to shop for clothes?

For clothes, I shop EVERYWHERE. I am a bit of a shopping addict. I actually had to pull myself out of H&M today. I love to shop the Faith 21 plus-size collection at Forever 21, H&M, Torrid, Club Monaco, J. Crew, American Apparel, and countless others. Right now, I am absolutely addicted to the new American Rag Plus Size collection at Macy’s. It is just such cute, young, fresh clothing for the young curvy girl. It’s great to be able just to hit one section of a store and get everything! There are just so many new options, which I never had when I was younger.

Do you have a teacher/mentor/hero who has made a huge impact on your life or a person who you will never forget? What made her/him so special?

I know that everyone probably says one of their parents, but my father is probably the most important person in my life. He grew up in segregated Oklahoma during the forties and fifties and to come to a point where he can sit back and watch his daughter succeed in a completely different world that he was forced to live in. But, I do also look for those in the fashion world for inspiration; I think Crystal Renn, Julie Henderson, and Tara Lynn are all heroes for finally making plus-size models a force to be reckoned with. In terms of teachers, I had a few that I absolutely adored in high school. Shout out to Nicole Hoppe, Nate Burroughs, and Christina Dodge for putting up with me!

Have you ever struggled with self-esteem or body image issues? If so, how did you overcome it and what advice would you give to girls to help them learn to love themselves just as they are?

I’ve definitely struggled with self-esteem and body image issues. I was incredibly overweight from about third grade until ninth grade when I went to a weight loss camp for the summer and lost sixty pounds. I was kept in a constant cycle of “Well, if I lose weight then I’ll finally be beautiful, have a great boyfriend, and get straight A’s!” Finally, I realized that enough is enough and I decided just to live my life instead of waiting for it to “begin”. My advice for girls is just to start living and stop waiting because this is your life and you need to make the most of it. If you need a quick fix then I suggest listening to Mika’s We Are Golden, dance around your room, and make a fool of yourself. It works wonders for you self-confidence, I swear!

What do you love about yourself and why?

I think I love my confidence. Even though I may not feel 100% confident in a mini skirt, I try to exude some sort of comfort so that others take notice. I do think that an outfit is 50% the clothing and 50% the personality.

How do you think plus modeling is helping to redefine beauty?

Growing up, I never saw models who looked like me and of course that can scar you. You start to doubt yourself, which is such a dangerous thing for young girls. So, I think that by promoting plus modeling, girls can finally understand that there is no “normal”. People come in all shapes and sizes so it seems useless to keep on comparing yourself to others. Hopefully, I can be part of this change and show girls that they are beautiful just the way they are.

*Thank you, Sheridan!

Here is a piece from Tyra Banks regarding Sheridan and the term “plus-sized”:

Aglaë Dreyer Shares Modeling, Body Image, Self-Esteem & Curly Hair Advice

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Photographed by Sasha Pfeffer

Aglaë Dreyer was born in Brussels, Belgium. She has lived in Paris, Vienna, Costa Rica, and is currently living back in Brussels, studying communications. She is also a part-time plus-size model. Aglaë started modeling when she was seventeen as a straight-size model, but her body wasn’t made for “it”. About a year and a half ago she started plus-size modeling, and she loves it! She is signed with a couple of agencies in Europe, but her mother agency is Dominique Models in Brussels.

Photographed by Barbara Anastacio

How did you get started in the modeling industry?

I started when I was seventeen as a straight-size model. They scouted me while I was sitting with my sister at a café in Brussels.

What advice do you have for aspiring models?

My advice would be to always stay confident, modest, and open to positive critics that will help you evolve, but to never let yourself be influenced and never compare yourself to other models. If it doesn’t work out or if you don’t get a job, don’t take it personally — never take it personally. It’s just a job.

Photographed by Sasha Pfeffer

What advice would you give to girls and women, who are struggling with body image and self-esteem issues?

I think everyone is or has struggled with body image and self-esteem issues. I still do. I think you have to try to accept your body how it is. You can’t change it so you might as well try to love it and make the most out of it. I think we have to try to focus on our qualities. Always listen to compliments, be attentive to random smiles and looks around you, and when you feel down remember them. Always keep in mind that you are your own hardest critic. And, that the way you see yourself is never the way people see you.

What does being healthy mean to you?

Being healthy is eating without excess, never feeling guilty of eating this or that, always take time to enjoy what you are eating, being physically active, and feeling comfortable with yourself.

Photographed by Barbara Anastacio

What is your beauty must have?

My beauty must have…. I don’t know. I am not really good at makeup and everything. I am a bit lazy for that. Well, I always have some lip balm with me and I try to put on a daily cream every day. I always put on a little bit of perfume before leaving, but I don’t have a special product I always use…well, at least not for the time being.

Where do you shop for clothes?

Hmm… Zara, H&M, Mango, Urban Outfitters, Kookai, and Vintage Shops for bags and shoes.

Who do you consider a role model or hero?

Both of my parents.

Photographed by Barbara Anastacio

How do you think plus modeling is helping redefine beauty?

It’s helping get rid of the ridiculous cliché that skinny = beautiful and that beautiful = skinny!

Do you have any special beauty products you use for your curly hair?

I just buy L’Oreal for dry hair and conditioner that helps detangle my hair. I sometimes do a mask. I wash two-three times a week, only brush it when it’s wet, and that’s it. But, makeup artists always have the best products. Have to invest in those!

What are you excited about right now?

I am excited about the plus modeling opportunity that has just opened up to me. It s great, I love it!

Photographed by Barbara Anastacio

*Thank you, Aglaë!

** Do you have any special beauty products that you use for curly or frizzy hair? How do you define beauty? What does being healthy mean to you?

Did Lizzie Miller Start a Body Image Revolution?

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Photographed by Seth Sabal

Lizzie Miller caused quite a stir while posing nude for the 2009 September issue of Glamour magazine. She has been referred to as “the woman on page 194.” When we first saw her image in Glamour magazine, our initial thoughts were “Finally! What a breath of fresh air.”

Finally, the time had come to see an image of someone that we could relate to. It took someone like Lizzie to start a wave, to start a crusade for women everywhere. There is more to Lizzie than being “the woman on page 194.” We hope this interview will help you see the true beauty that radiates from within her.

Glamour Magazine – Photographed by Patrick Shaw

Please tell us where you are from, and how you got started in the modeling business.

I’m from San Jose, CA. I got started with my modeling career by going to a Model Search that I had heard about on the on the radio. My mom was convinced it was a scam, so I paid for part of it. The model search was held at a huge hotel in San Francisco and had all sorts of agencies there. I was called back by a few of the agencies. Since I was only thirteen, my dad kept in contact with the few agencies who called me back (including Wilhelmina) and we made a trip out to NY the following summer. I signed with Wilhelmina then.

Please tell us about your experience regarding the September issue of Glamour magazine, which featured you nude along with an article about feeling comfortable in your own skin.

It was my first nude shoot, so before it, I was a little nervous. But it was weird, as soon as I was on set; I was comfortable and felt confident. I pleasantly surprised myself that day! I thought I would be nervous! But, I actually felt really good. Everyone was really professional and made me feel even more comfortable.

Photographed by Rafa Galler

What misconceptions do you think society has of plus-size women?

I think the biggest misconception is that all plus-size women are unhealthy and overweight — which is not true. I guess that brings up the question: What qualifies as “Plus Size.” I’m a size 12-14 and 5’11, and for my body, it’s a comfortable size. I’ve always been athletic and have never been a skinny girl. But, I enjoy working out, playing sports, and eating right. Now, if I’m craving some sweets, I do let myself indulge but, it’s all about checks and balances. Let yourself have a cookie–not five.

Most of the fellow plus-size models I work with are proportionate and in shape. Their bodies just happen to rest comfortably at a size 12 or above.

Have you ever struggled with self-esteem or body image issues in the past? If so, how did you reach the point of accepting and loving your body as it is?

I think every girl, at some point, has struggled with body image (including me)! It’s a huge problem and it’s not talked about enough. I use to be so self-conscious that I wouldn’t even change in from of my friends and family; I would run to the bathroom. But, being in this industry has made me feel comfortable with myself because you HAVE to be. It started with me changing in front of one stylist, then another, and another. They’re not even looking at me; they’re more focused on getting the clothes ready, etc. So once I realized that they’re not staring at me, I became more comfortable. After 8 years of changing in front of many different people, you get used to it.

Another trick I would try when I was younger was that I would wear my bikini around my house before going to the beach so I could get use to the feeling of showing that much skin. The more you do it, the more comfortable you become.

Photographed by Rafa Galler

What advice would you give to young women who are struggling with self-esteem, confidence, or body image?

Do not be so hard on yourself. If you slip up and eat a lot of cookies one day, just workout the next day. Stop comparing yourselves to other people. Everyone has a different body shape and some people are just naturally skinny. It’s exhausting trying to be really skinny when your body is athletic and curvy. It was so liberating for me when I finally accepted myself the way I am and stopped comparing myself to other girls.

Plus-Size Models Unite embraces women of every shape, size, ethnicity, and age, which includes women who are short, tall, plus, thin, and every woman in between. We applaud diversity and support women to find the inner strength to accept, respect, and embrace their uniquely beautiful self. We know you feel the same way. Please tell us your thoughts about promoting the fact that beauty comes in every size.

I’ve always said beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. I think skinny girls have just as many self-confidence issues as curvy girls. It comes down to the mind. If you think you are beautiful then you will be because your confidence will exude through you. Everyone has a different body type and the most important thing is recognizing which shape YOU are. Not what the girls looks like in magazines and not like what the girls look like on TV. We all need to stop comparing ourselves to unrealistic expectations of Beauty.

Photographed by Rafa Galler

What does being healthy mean to you?

Being healthy means getting enough sleep, staying active, and eating healthy food. I go by the color rule. Always try to have some color on your plate (greens, colorful fruits, etc); most unhealthy things are a brown color (or fried). Find exercise that’s fun! If it’s fun, it won’t feel like working out. I love to dance, so I take any dance classes that sound interesting to me–as long as it has great music! Music is definitely important for working out. If you’re not a runner and want to become one, make an
awesome upbeat playlist and it will be more fun as well. (I don’t jog on the treadmill that much–I prefer dance classes, but when I do run, a really good playlist helps me!)

Out of all the places your modeling has taken you – where is the most memorable?

The most memorable place I’ve been is Barcelona, Spain. I’ve always wanted to go there and the shoot happened to fall on Valentine’s Day weekend. Since I travel so much for work, I had acquired A LOT of frequent flyer miles. So I used those miles to get my boyfriend a ticket to go with me. It was such a great weekend!

Photographed by Rafa Galler

Where do you like to shop for clothes and who are your favorite designers?

I shop all over. I really like Mystique Boutique; it’s a small store that has several locations in New York. I also like Zara, Arden B., H&M, and Urban Outfitters. Some of my favorite designers are Max Azria, Roberto Cavalli, and others.

What are some of your favorite beauty products or must-haves?

MoroccanOil deep conditioner. (

Please tell us about your singing career.

I’ve been singing ever since I could. I was always in school choir and musicals. I’ve been taking one-on-one voice lessons for two years now and piano lessons as well. I write lyrics and come up with melody to songs. I’m learning piano, so the writing music part became easier.  I’m currently working on my demo tape and getting my written lyrics out there for people to hear.

What are you excited about right now?

I am really excited about an upcoming shoot in London that I have for Spririto Catalog! I have never been there before, and I always love to visit places that I have never seen!

*Thank you, Lizzie!

Lizzie Miller has been with Wilhelmina on the Plus Size Board since she started modeling at age thirteen. She told us that she has two sisters and a supportive mom and dad.

What do you think about Lizzie’s Glamour magazine shoot? Do you think Lizzie Miller started a body image revolution? How do you feel about your body image? We would love to hear your thoughts!