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  1. Cha-Rae Robinson Says:

    Hello My Names Cha-Rae Robinson and i just came across your website
    and was wonder if you could give me some guidance . I’ve always
    wanted to be a plus size model but don’t know the right places are
    to look i did a run way show last summer and made it to top 10 for
    central city’s model search and I’ve been recently scouted from Numa
    models but there agency doesn’t seem legit and they have a lot of
    bad reviews and all there models are typical tall blonde skinny with
    blue eyes definitely not me i’m a thick plus size girl African
    Italian Age 21 I’ve always wanted to be a plus size model and i was
    wondering if you would maybe consider looking at my pictures and
    pointing me in the right direction to go ! i’d very much appreciate
    it! :)Thank you Sincerely, Cha-Rae Robinson.

  2. I being applying for plus size model but no response ,plz reply

  3. hi my name is christina and i want to know how to become a plus size model in general, i know i dont sound very promising when i say this but i have no clue what to do, but it is something i WANT with all my heart!!!

    • i am trying to become one as well but what i have been doing is i been going to Google and looking up modeling agencies that are around me. just as long as you have portfolios and make sure they are not professional they like to see how you look with all natural and being your self with everyday life.

  4. Alexandria Says:

    How do you become a plus size model? with you?

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