A Special Message from Liz & Angela via Plus-Size Models Unite

Liz Nord & Angela Jones ~ Photographed by Lindsey Bowen

We would love to thank each and every one of you for supporting PSMU. We have really enjoyed being a part of such a positive site; sharing stories; and promoting healthy living, confidence, self-esteem, and self-love. Thank you to all of our contributors, models, agents, friends, mothers, writers, and our readers! We truly believe everyone can make a difference if we come together and let our voices be heard, as we have done at PSMU. We all need to be exposed to more healthy, happy, and positive ideas and role models. There are some extraordinary people out there doing amazing things and we need to hear more about them!

This will be our final post via Plus-Size Models Unite. We hope to see you at our new site!

Liz is now freelance writing and editing a wide variety of content both off and online. To learn more or request her services, please visit Liz Nord Creates.

Thank you!

Liz & Angela


14 Responses to “A Special Message from Liz & Angela via Plus-Size Models Unite”

  1. We need more sites like this! Keep rocking girls!

    Plus Size Bathing Suits

  2. Please don’t do that to me. I am working on someting like this project. i have a blog for this. I am getting many help from u guys.

  3. Hi my name is kacee and I really need your votes right now
    please help Im a plus size model just starting anything helps

  4. hay my name is chatta and i was wondering how can i be a pluz size model modeling is something i always wonted to do i just dont know were to start

  5. simone shofner Says:

    My name is Simone Shofner. I am interested in becoming a plus size model. This is something new that I am interested in. I am willing to work hard and do what ever it takes. I would actually love to become a print model. I love taking photos so I figured why not make it part of my profession. I am extremely excited for this new journey that I am about to enter. I hope to here from you soon.

    Thank you.

  6. Hi my name is Melissa. I love reading all the inspirational thoughts and messages! I’m half Tongan and white and I def am a tall and curvy girl. I would love to get into plus size modeling I just don’t know how to get started or where to go! Can anyone help me out and give me some tips please!

  7. Ladies, from one “plus” size woman to all of you. Please help me out and vote for me in a Modeling contest! I know it’s annoying seeing people ask for help, but I truely want to win. ❤

  8. Ladies, this site is amazing. I have been battling with emotions over my size my whole life. I am learning to embrace my body instead of fight it. I am also a female Marine so that means I have more pressure on my shoulders to always “stay skinny” BUT like I said I am now excepting who I am and running with it! ❤ In fact I even entered my self in a modeling contest just to see how many people agree with me! I posted the link to "vote" for me below. I would love your help on starting out this journey I have begun ❤ http://apps.facebook.com/wrangler-urj/contests/146815/voteable_entries/28286818

  9. Hi ladies,

    Thank you so much for all your support, love, and encouragement! I truly appreciate everything you all do as well!

    I look forward to continuing to spread positive messages through my new endeavors and hope we all work together again in the future.

    Lots of love! xx

  10. Hi ladies, thanks so much for starting a movement, because of your efforts lives have been changed and knowledge has been shared. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the process for a short while and I look forward to our futures together…Blessings in your endeavors and keep in touch.
    Tracie Stern

  11. What a wave of positive change and thinking you two beauties started. Bravo! I agree with the comment – this is not the end. The two of you are amazingly talented and truly beauitful women. I am honored and still humled to have been apart of your site. May your future endevors and families flourish with your grace. Love you two beautiful ladies!

  12. Awww….Sad to see this end, but I know it’s not really an ending, since you’re each continuing the work you started here, in your own ways.

    This was the first blog I connected with, when I started blogging, a year ago, and you guys mean a lot to me.

    Thanks for all the fantastic interviews and posts!!

    Lots of love!!

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