Australian Model Bonnie McBeath Says, “To have a positive attitude and not be bogged down in negative self-talk and negative people, really helps you feel great.”

Bonnie started modeling with Bella Models in Sydney, Australia over five years ago. Because she is based in Melbourne, she has been fortunate enough to continue the most rewarding part-time job (modeling) while continuing to work full-time at a non-modeling job.

This is what Bonnie had to say:

“To be a part of the incredible revolution of a whole industry has been so empowering. Seeing Chelsea Bonner bring new girls in to the agency and watch the pages of magazines get fuller and fuller of Bella girls has been such a thrill.”

Please tell us how you started your career as a model.

I began with a load of encouragement from a friend who assisted for a very active photographer in Melbourne. She suggested I get some test shots. I had no idea what test shots were and felt a little nervous at the thought of spending that amount of money (really, such a small amount in hindsight…) on photos. Unbeknown to me, this particular photographer had worked with Chelsea and her models before and asked to submit my shots to Bella. I was very green and to think that Chelsea has the foresight and eye to see talent that will be well received by the market is quite amazing.

Do you feel that ‘plus’ modeling is helping to redefine beauty?

I really don’t think that it has redefined beauty, but I think it had redefined editors and casting directors’ ideas of who will sell magazines and clothes. I think the biggest revolution has been the change in the perception that ‘plus-sized’ models are frumpy and mumsy ladies wearing ill-fitting garments made from polyester! I also don’t feel like we are vigilantes out there banging on about ‘representing all the plus-sized women’, but I think we are simply showing different sizes and shapes and diversity in the market.

When others ask you to define the term ‘plus’ model, what do you tell them?

It is always a little awkward. I know a lot of girls resent the term ‘plus’… I think of it as being just an average size.

Out of all of the places your career has taken you, what has been the most memorable and why?

Very early in my contract with Bella, I was invited to be part of a calendar, which featured twelve girls in the most gorgeous, and glamorous underwear I had ever seen. All funds raised from the sale of the calendar were used to help raise awareness for a foundation, which promoted healthy body image and alike. I remember at the time, just being so thrilled to be asked to be part and flown somewhere by the agency. It was so memorable in the early days.

Have you ever suffered from body image or self-esteem issues? If so, what advice would you give to young girls and women who are currently struggling?

I think every young girl has battled with body images concerns and low self-esteem at some stage. Women are so hard on one another and from a very early age, we are products of our upbringing. Schools are obsessed with getting kids out in the playground and exercising and scrutinizing lunch boxes to make sure there are enough healthy, unprocessed components. Exercise really does do great things for your well being and self-esteem. Whether it is a competitive team sport or simply going for a bike ride, the endorphins that are released are far more potent and valuable to your own sense of well being that any lecture about body image. Tall or short, lean or bumpy, anybody that gets plenty of fresh air and exercise feels and therefore looks amazing.

Who taught you about real beauty?

Definitely my Mum. She is really healthy and happy and loves life. To have a positive attitude and not be bogged down in negative self-talk and negative people, really helps you feel great.

What do you wish you would have known at the age of 13?

It will all be fine!

Growing up in a small country town and with that comes plenty of small country minds. I remember being offered some chocolate by a friend’s dad. He held the block in front of me and then whipped it away saying ‘you don’t really need any, do you?’ while proceeding to offer it to all the other kids.

Going to my High School reunion and hearing whispers saying ‘Did you hear Bonnie is a model now? Wow, things have really worked out well for her, haven’t they!”

What is a fun fact about you?

I was a State Representative Kayaker… It got to the point where I needed either to study my final year at school with proper dedication or have a good go at the sport… I ended up taking the academic road.

Lipstick or Lip gloss?

Definitely Lip gloss. I am a little lazy sometimes and I don’t have to be so fastidious about maintaining it. Clinique’s Air Kiss has kept me going through the years. I have about four on the go at any one time.

What beauty invention has made the greatest impact on your life?

Oooh, so many. I love nail polish; I wear it CONSTANTLY on my toes. I also love self-tan. It is an instant pick me up… It makes me feel like a million dollars. I will often get a spray tan for no reason at all. I have found a lady who can do all sorts of tricky shading to give tone and definition like you wouldn’t believe. GREAT for swimwear confidence.

My beauty essentials are…

Sunscreen. Every day, summer or winter, hot or cold, cloudy or sunny. I have very fair skin and just hate the feel of the harsh Australian sun cooking my face!

What is your go-to outfit?

Jeans, jeans, jeans! I have dark jeans, light jeans and shorts, and skinny leg jeans. I especially love Charlie Browns Princess Charlotte jeans, though I hear they are not being made any more… They will eventually be so threadbare that they will rip from my legs one day.

Where do you love to shop for clothes?

I tend to shop around a little. Though I am guaranteed to always manage to find something at Witchery. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

How would you describe your style?

Casual and feminine. Lots of flat shoes, sandals, and soft fabrics.

What does being healthy mean to you?

Getting adequate rest. A great night’s sleep will prepare your resolve. You can deal with anything better with enough rest. Feeling weary and cranky, lessens your ability to think and act rationally. Plenty of fresh air and eating properly too. A glass of wine and good belly laugh is great for health and well-being as well!

Do you have a favorite workout routine?

At the moment, I am running a lot. I tend not to get too bogged down in anything too scheduled. I like to run so I can look at people’s gardens and admire the hard work. I keep myself going by saying ‘not long now, soon you will be at the beautiful hedge/rose garden/lavender border’. I like seeing who is out and about in the early morning when I run too.

In my purse, you would find…

Credits cards, receipts for work, make up, phone, and note pad (I used to write on my hand all the time and someone bought me a beautiful note pad with a ‘B’ on the font, use it all the time).

Favorite book?

Maggie Alderson’s, About a Boy. It is one of the very few books that I have re read (a LOT of times)

What are your favorite sites to visit online?

eBay. I love it. I have sold lots of things and bought lots of things. I just love getting rid of the surplus and seeing it go to a good home and purchasing new things with the profit.

On a day off, what would your perfect day consist of?

Read, exercise, cook, coffee, and an afternoon nap. I just love the indulgence of a sneaky afternoon nap.

Is there something you have always wanted to try or learn, but haven’t yet?

I would love to be able to sing. I think it is such a fabulous skill/talent. I sing in car a lot but I am brave enough to admit that it is much nicer to keep for my own tuned ears rather than anyone else.

What makes you uniquely beautiful?

I think a big and genuine smile. I laugh a lot. I laugh when I am happy (obviously) but also laugh in awkward situations. It is a nervous response, but people are so much more responsive to happy, smiling people. I always try to remember people’s name. I love it when people remember mine and it makes people feel great when you greet them by name. Being considerate, caring, and thoughtful makes me uniquely beautiful. It is so much more than superficial looks that make any one beautiful.

*Thank you, Bonnie!


2 Responses to “Australian Model Bonnie McBeath Says, “To have a positive attitude and not be bogged down in negative self-talk and negative people, really helps you feel great.””

  1. I also agree with Michelle .Because It don’t give a especial life.I think that I loved all the different looks in the Photoshop. This i s a funny post that you make.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this article and best of luck.

  2. Michelle Says:

    Bonnie’s knowledge about the benefit of having a positive attitude will serve her well in life. Her idea of a perfect day shows how important the simple things in life can be. I loved all the different looks in the photographs!!! She is beautiful. Good luck to Bonnie as you follow your dreams.

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