Australian Model Bobbi M. Says, “To be beautiful we do not need to be stick skinny like some models or look like societies stereotype of beauty. Each of us has a different personality and a different body. We should all be unique!”

Bobbi is a fifteen year old who juggles full-time school with modeling. She is signed with BELLA Model Management in Australia. She lives at Avoca Beach on the Central Coast of Sydney. Bobbi comes from very loving and supportive family who have always encouraged her to be the best person she can be. She has an older sister Stevie and a younger brother Jordy. She loves the beach, dancing, singing, spending time with her friends and her ability to make people laugh.

How did you start your career as a model?

I had been told by many people that I should consider modeling, but always thought you had to be stick thin. I had no idea what a plus-size model was, so at first I didn’t do anything about it. When I turned fifteen, my mother encouraged me to send a few pictures to Bella Model Management–Australia’s leading plus-size model agent. I received a call to attend an interview and was signed on the spot. I still can’t believe I built up the courage to go meet with my agent, Chelsea Bonner.

When you think of your agency, Bella Model Management, what is the first word that comes to you?


Have you ever struggled with self-esteem or body image issues? Do you find other girls your age struggling?

Of course! I have struggled and have seen lots of friends struggling with self-esteem or body issues.  I still do. I think you have to try to accept your body how it is. You can’t change it so you might as well try to love it and make the most out of it. I have learned to try to focus more on my qualities. At the start of high school, I went through a phase of being very self-conscious. I was much taller, more athletic, and more curvy than all my friends who were tiny, petite, beautiful girls.  It was really hard to look at all the cute 5’3 girls being fussed over by the boys, when I was the same size or taller than the boys…lol.

As I have started to figure things out, my confidence has grown. I have learned to stop caring about what others think–As long as I like me that is all that matters. I’ve accepted beauty comes in many shapes and sizes and thanks to Chelsea signing me to Bella model management; I have grown in leaps and bounds. I remember being told by my agent words that I will never forget, “As a model looks will only take you so far; it is your personality and attitude that will get you further.” This has proven to be true over and over, and truly reflects everyday life. Modeling with Bella has given me a new level of confidence and helped me to embrace that people see me as being a role model for other healthy teenagers.

What does the term ‘plus’ model mean to you?

I think the mere fact that we are called “plus” sized models attaches a stigma to us and that in itself undoes any positive message they could be sending. If they are really trying to go for the, “everyone is beautiful”, then just call us models. How are girls supposed to relate, I’m pretty too for a “plus” sized girl.

Healthy models are what most people want to see. Doesn’t matter what size they fall under, they can be a 14 and healthy, they can also be a 2 and healthy. People don’t want to see plus-size models for the sake of showing plus sizes, nor do people want to see skinny ones for the sake of “standardizing” clothing. If a designer can’t make a healthy body of any size look good, their skills are too narrow for the real world of women. 

What does being healthy mean to you?

Being healthy means getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and staying active. I’ve been a competitive swimmer and board paddler for years, so fitness is in my blood. I love to dance, so I take dance classes each week, but I know I will never be that super thin girl. It is important for young girls like me not to be so hard on themselves. If you slip up and eat a lot of chocolate one day, just workout the next day. Stop comparing yourselves to other girls. Everyone has a different body shape and some girls are just naturally skinny and others curvy, but we are all beautiful in our own unique way.

What’s playing on your iPod?

I have over 400 songs on my iPod. The most I listen to at the moment are:

Beyonce, Katy Perry, Taio Cruz, Lady Gaga, and Alisha keys

 What is your go-to outfit?

Loose T-shirt, cut off denim shorts, lots of chunky bangles, and strappy sandals for day.

Favorite place to shop?

My favorite place to shop is Westfield’s Bondi Junction; it has all my favourite brands like Sass n Bide, Mink Pink, and Tigerlily.

What 5 items are in your handbag that you couldn’t live without?

My mobile, my iPod, my favourite lip gloss, my sunglasses, and my mascara.

 If you had one piece of advice to give other girls your age, what would it be?

I would like to tell girls around my age that it is very important that we accept our body. To be beautiful we do not need to be stick skinny like some models or look like societies stereotype of beauty. Each of us has a different personality and a different body. We should all be unique!!! 

I’d tell other young girls that it’s okay to have curves, embrace your body, and don’t think you have to be thin to be beautiful!

As my mum say, “Don’t let the bastards get ya down.” I think that pretty much sums it up. Be true to yourself, be healthy, and tell anyone who tries to steal your sunshine or says that you are only pretty if you are “this” or “that” to take a hike.

Do you attend school?  Homeschooled?  How do you fit schooling in with your career? 

I’m still at school and am currently in year nine. I try to organize my castings and jobs around my classes. At the moment, my education is my number one priority.

What do your friends think of your modeling career? 

My true friends encourage me and are truly supportive. I’ve had others make nasty comments about my modelling, but I have learned not to let it affect me as I am happy with who I am and the way I look, no matter how hard they try and bring me down.

What would be your ideal date?

Haha! I can’t answer that just yet! As I’m still working on that. The guy in question attends my school and I have heard he still hasn’t the courage to ask me out …lol….Damn!!

What is the best gift you’ve given to someone?

The best gift I have given someone is a homemade DVD of me, my sister Stevie, and my little brother Jordy. The DVD was for my Nan, we had moved away and we knew she was missing us. It showed and spoke about all the fun times we shared from birth through present. It talked about how much she was appreciated and was loved. When she feels sad or is missing us, she just plays her DVD.

What are your favorite beauty products or must-haves?

Bronzing powder by Natio

Gentle foaming facial cleanser by Natio

Any Lip gloss by Napoleon Purdis

Mascara by Maybelline

In your spare time, what do you enjoy doing for fun?

I love hanging out with my best friend Charlie; we both make each other laugh so hard. I love going to the beach or catching a movie.

Who is your role model or hero?  Why?

I consider my mother and my Ninny (grandmother) to be both my role model and hero. They are two very strong women who have both overcome adversity in their lives and are always there to offer me love, guidance, and support. They are the most giving and generous people I know. They give their time, energy, support, and love unconditionally to everyone they have in their lives. My Ninny is also amazing at creating magical moments with everything. She keeps traditions and values strong in our family.

What do you love about yourself and why?

I love my smile. I love it because a smile is so much more than just a physical aspect of your face. It shows people who you are! All good things come from smiling; laughter, happiness, and friendship…I’m always smiling…so it’s definitely my favorite thing about me! I have always been told that I have a beautiful and infectious smile.

What are you excited about right now?

I am excited about building on my modeling career and what the future holds.

*Thank you, Bobbi!


2 Responses to “Australian Model Bobbi M. Says, “To be beautiful we do not need to be stick skinny like some models or look like societies stereotype of beauty. Each of us has a different personality and a different body. We should all be unique!””

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  2. What an amazing young girl! I hope my daughter grows up to be a strong, confident and thoughtful young woman like Bobbi!

    She is a great role model for everyone, not just young girls!

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