Female For Life – Melanie Becker’s Exercise Apparel for Real Women, With Real Figures!

The importance of using plus size models for my business:

About two years ago, I was coming back from a series of injuries and looking to get back into shape. I needed new gym gear to help me work off those extra kilos. To my disappointment, every brand I looked at had images of gorgeous, young, and extremely lean models. My immediate reaction was: There is NO WAY that is going to look good on me. I am a real woman, I have real curve bs and I wanted to find some gear that looked nice on my body. I didn’t want to have to endure the embarrassment of going from shop to shop only to ask the uncomfortable question: “Do you have size 14?” What was going on? The average women (in Australia) is a size 14 (US 10) yet none of the imagery being used reflected that. I couldn’t relate to it

I then read a fantastic book called Buyology by Martin Lindstrom, a marketing and branding guru. Through some pretty cutting-edge technology and market research, he uncovers (amongst other things) how we buy products when we can relate to the imagery. I thought to myself, how many women relate to a size 6, (US size 2) sixteen-year old model?

Fiona Falkiner

Yes, yes, yes, I know what you’re thinking – it’s “inspirational”, and yes, it is. But it’s only inspirational if you have the body type that allows you to get that lean or are close to your fitness goals. What about the majority of women out there who are balancing a career, family, friends, work, and other commitments and struggle to get time for exercise more than one a week? For these 95% of women, this “inspirational” imagery is simply viewed as unrealistic and intimidating.

The result of all this frustration and research was Female For Life, an active wear label for women with real curves. We ensure that the models we use represent real women. We use a mixture of plus-size models, mature, everyday people, and the traditional size models. The feedback has been overwhelming. Comments and feedback like “It’s so good to see healthy women, so refreshing,” are plentiful. People want to relate and using plus-size models is a key component of reaching out to people and making them feel like they are catered for.

I still use the traditional model here and there, as I cater for sizes 6 to 20 (US 2 to 16) but I use these images when targeting the fitness industry. When I do ads for the general public it’s plus-size models every time!

My only issue with the plus size industry is the name. You aren’t plus, you are real, and women around the world love it!



Female For Life’s vision is to make high quality, feminine and affordable products available to women worldwide

So if you have a passion for keeping healthy…


4 Responses to “Female For Life – Melanie Becker’s Exercise Apparel for Real Women, With Real Figures!”

  1. Fantastic Fiona from BELLA models, shes the bomb!

  2. After reading this I’m just so amazed that corporate advertising does not understand how far off base they are. Yes you are very real! and very beautiful! and you’re powerful in recognizing the truth of yourself. I wish too this blog would drop the plus thing, it could be even better as “reality model’s life”
    just my .46 cents

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