Three Models Share Their Makeup Free Monday Experience!

Here we go again…Makeup Free Monday! In an effort to remind women of the importance of real and inner beauty, to promote better body image, to prevent eating disorders and to encourage conversations about unrealistic body ideals, Alexis Wolfer launched Makeup Free Mondays. The movement is all about empowerment. It’s about recognizing inner beauty, expanding the definition of outer beauty, and showing the world what both look like. It’s about real beauty. Many of you already know that from our first Makeup Free Monday article. You can find that link at the bottom of this article.

Amber Herendon is a wife, mother, and model.

I love the concept of Makeup Free Monday!! I usually don’t wear makeup, unless I’m going somewhere special, so for me, it wasn’t a huge change at all. I actually get more of a response from my friends if I am wearing makeup. I love the idea of being confident in our true skin and I think it’s very empowering to women. Rock on ladies!! 🙂

Tracie Stern is a plus-size model, mother of two boys, entrepreneur, and wife.

I am a model; our job requires us to show up to work with a clean face, which means not a stitch of anything but moisturizer. While working, they put on so much makeup that by the end of the day you just want to scratch the makeup off. So, I typically will take my face off the minute they clear me of the job. I’ve even been known to hit the airport bathroom and do a full scrub down before my flight. I have also found that after three or four days of wearing photo makeup, my skin needed a few days to recover, so I would go clean until the next job.

I don’t think anyone asks or wonders why I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis because I’ve gotten in the habit of not wearing any unless I have a business function, social, or casting. For the last seventeen years, I’ve showed up to work with a clean face; it just feels more natural to be natural than to be made up. I also feel that personally, wearing makeup every day tends to age me even more, so by keeping my skin clean all day, as often as possible, to me keeps it looking fresh and young. Being a mom now to two young boys, keeping my skin clean makes the morning routine go a lot faster!

Angela Jones is a wife, mother of two children, a model, and the co-creator of Plus-Size Models Unite. She is on a mission to help create a world of confident girls and women.

When I was asked to participate in Makeup Free Mondays, I knew that it wouldn’t be a difficult task for me, since I do not wear much makeup in my day-to-day life. But, it made me realize just how far I have come on my personal journey of self-acceptance.

It brought me back to the day I went into labor with our first-born daughter. My husband and I were on a walk and my water broke. I immediately went into the house, took a shower, did my hair and makeup, and got dressed…to give birth!!! I do not know what I was thinking! My husband didn’t either, but he knew not to argue with his pregnant wife!

I have realized that Makeup Free Mondays really isn’t about makeup. I went on with my daily routine, I had a meeting in the morning, dropped off and picked up our kids from school, grocery shopped, and did my normal routine throughout the day…but it was about taking a step back and acknowledging  just how far I have come as a person. Years ago, it would really have been a struggle to walk out the door with no makeup on and feel beautiful, but today…I did. Because today, I know that beauty is not just skin deep…to me beauty is about feeling confident in who I am as a person and how I live my life. There are elements that played a part in getting to where I am today and continuing to grow and for me they are pushing myself out of my box, going for goals, pursuing dreams, sometimes being knocked down and getting right back up, even if it takes me awhile 🙂 but, never giving up! The other is my constant support from my family and true friends.

I love makeup. My normal everyday makeup consists of mineral powder, bronzer, mascara, and cherry chapstick and I love to take it up a notch when we go out for a date night or with our friends. When I work, it is so much fun having my makeup done; the makeup artists are so talented and it is fun to learn little tricks and tips! I feel it is important to take a little extra time to make yourself feel extra special!

Thank you, Beauty Bean! Thank you for this opportunity. It was a very memorable day. To allow our daughter to witness mommy participating, talking with her about what true beauty means, and that being beautiful is also about being respectful to yourself and others. Throughout the day, I never felt I had to explain what I was doing, but I did feel that I wanted to share the idea with others and see if they would like to try Makeup Free Mondays out next week!

*Thank you, ladies!

**Here is a link to more information about Makeup Free Mondays


2 Responses to “Three Models Share Their Makeup Free Monday Experience!”

  1. Awwww, Thank you Emily!!!!! xx

  2. Angela I love both pictures of you. Your makeup free shot is my favorite, just because it really shows that beauty comes from beneath makeup and photoshop! You’re gorgeous!

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