Are You Ready to Join The Beauty Bean’s Makeup Free Monday Movement? We Did & Here Are Our Stories…

Alexis Wolfer

Angela and I are excited to team up with Alexis Wolfer, the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of, to help spread the word about her Makeup Free Monday Movement! Alexis graduated summa cum laude from Washington University in St. Louis and earned her Master’s Degree from Columbia University, writing her thesis on the role some women’s magazines have in promoting negative body image. She also brings her previous professional experience at women’s magazines and websites to The Beauty Bean. She currently lives in Manhattan.

Concerned with the focus many beauty magazines and websites place on unrealistic body ideals and weight, Alexis launched The Beauty Bean to provide women with a glamorous beauty site with an unparalleled focus on inner-beauty and health. With the hope of showing women that beauty isn’t a number on a scale but is instead about beautifying, nourishing, pampering, sweating, and lusting. The Beauty Bean brings together Alexis’ love for beauty and fitness, as well as her desire for all women to feel beautiful and confident.

In an effort to remind women of the importance of real and inner beauty, to promote better body image, to prevent eating disorders, and to encourage conversations about unrealistic body ideals, The Beauty Bean launched Makeup Free Mondays.

Elizabeth Nord is a writer, editor, researcher, co-creator of Plus-Size Models Unite, wife, and mother of two daughters.

When I was first approached to participate in the Beauty Bean Makeup Free Monday movement, I was slightly hesitant. I’m not one to wear loads of makeup, but I do like to give myself a little extra pop by adding color. I  think of my makeup choices as part of my personal style. I honestly cannot think of a time, since my mom first allowed me to wear makeup when I was a teenager, that I have gone makeup free for more than 24 hours. Participating in Makeup Free Monday was much easier than I thought it would be. In fact, it was refreshing!

My daily make-up routine usually consists of eyeliner, mascara, a little cover up (for the dark “not enough sleep” circles under my eyes and the rosacea on my cheeks), mineral powder, bronzer, and always a mix of lipstick and lip gloss! I will admit that I am a complete lip gloss addict and that was the hardest thing to give up! I always like my lips to feel soft and hydrated, so I cheated a little and applied clear lip gloss. Okay, I also dabbed on a little concealer on an unsightly blemish that came out of nowhere, but one of my friends ensured me that wasn’t cheating. Phew!

What I liked about Makeup Free Monday:

  • I saved 10 minutes getting ready in the morning.
  • No one reacted differently to me.
  • I felt the same throughout the day. Although, I personally like a little color to wake me up.
  • My family and friends didn’t notice.
  • When I told my two daughters what I was doing, my nine-year-old daughter said that I don’t need to wear makeup to be beautiful. She said, “To be beautiful you should be nice, caring, loving, smart, responsible, and share.” That made my day!

In the evening, I asked my nine-year-old daughters piano teacher, Bonnie, (who I have a very comfortable relationship with) if she noticed anything different about me. Bonnie looked hard at me. My daughter tried to help her and said, “Look at her face.” Bonnie stared, and I could tell that she genuinely couldn’t tell what was different. I told her that I was participating in Makeup Free Monday and she smiled. She didn’t notice that I wasn’t wearing a stitch of makeup. Okay, well maybe I was wearing a little clear lip gloss and a dab of concealer, but I think I did pretty well overall. I would definitely do Makeup Free Monday again! 

Andrea Dodd is thirty-two years old. She is a photographer, aspiring writer, lover of life, and homeschooling mama of three mini super heroes.

Sunday–A day that doesn’t call for need to make up my face. That is, of course, until I’m heading out for a late lunch date. It’s hard for me not to go upstairs and do my face. Instead, I make sure my hair looks perfectly unkempt. Ha.

Typical days–Unless I’m working, or have a planned date; I generally do not wear make-up. But, it’s not because I love how I look without it. On the contrary. I have uneven skin, dark under eyes, and in the summer, I have sunspots like birthmarks near my eyes. When I was a young mom of two babes, I bought fake glasses to wear when I was heading out makeup-less (even to the grocery store) to hide my dark circles and tiredness that make-up disguises. Now, I go makeup-less because I’d like to think I’m doing my face a favor by staying fresh. Just SPF face cream, eye cream, and lip balm. I don’t feel the need to excuse my makeup-less face. However, I do feel polished and put together when wearing make-up. I like how mascara defines my eyes. My face looks smoother under foundation. Bronzer offers a healthy, even glow. In short, I feel prettier wearing make-up. But, I also know there is beauty beneath a made up face. I’d like to believe it shines through my makeup-less eyes and happy smile on my typical fresh face day.

Janell Kaufman is thirty-seven years old. She is a writer, reader, avid journal keeper, wife, mother, and domestic goddess. She was born and raised in the Seattle, Washington area and currently lives in Bellingham, Washington.

When I was young and started experimenting with makeup, I always went overboard as most young girls do. My mother always told me “All you need is a little mascara and a little lipstick”. But, more than what she told me, it was the example she set that laid the foundation for my makeup free life. She never wore more than what she suggested I wear, and after my experimental phase I really never had any desire to wear makeup. Now I cannot even imagine trying to put on even mascara and lipstick with any regularity.

The last time I wore any make up at all was about two years ago. It was for a semi-formal party and I felt sexy and confident with my face done up. Although my daughter wouldn’t come near me and my husband was nervous to kiss me, the most annoying thing about it was the fact that I worried about it all evening long. The trade-off of feeling sexy for nervous wasn’t worth it and I had a much better time at the next party where I dressed but didn’t do my face.

I have never felt like society treats me any differently as a non-makeup wearer. Nobody has ever asked me why I don’t wear anything on my face. Maybe this is because I surround myself with others who wear little or no makeup either. Maybe it is because I live in a community that is laid back and outdoorsy where makeup could be more of a hindrance than it is worth. Maybe it is simply because I have never really worn it and people accept that this is who I am, and cannot imagine me any differently.

In her sixties now, my mother still wears little to no makeup. In fact, I think that she has given up on mascara, and simply goes with lipstick. I hope that the example that I am setting for my daughter works in the same way as my mothers’ example did for me. I want her to feel that she can be herself, and confident and sexy with or without wearing makeup. Just like her mom!

*Do you wear makeup? If yes, does wearing it change how you feel about yourself? What are your beauty product must haves? Are you a product junkie? Would you feel comfortable going makeup free for a day? If you don’t wear makeup, have you always gone makeup less? When and why did you choose to go makeup free? What do you see as the benefits of being fresh-faced?

If you have daughters, what are your makeup rules? Did your mother wear makeup? Did that affect your choice to wear (or not wear) makeup? If so, why?

**To find out more about The Beauty Bean, Angela Jones’ Makeup Free Monday experience, or to submit your Makeup Free Monday entry, please go to Thank you!


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