Plus-Size Models Unite’s Radio Interview with Leeza Gibbons on Hollywood Confidential

Here is the link to our Radio interview with Leeza Gibbons on Hollywood Confidential:

Plus-Size Models Unite’s interview with Leeza Gibbons on Hollywood Confidential

What are your thoughts? What do you love about yourself? Do you struggle to accept yourself the way you are now? How have you overcome self-esteem and body image issues?

*We interviewed Leeza Gibbons and Sierra Lisa, and we will be publishing their interviews in the coming weeks.

**Thank you, Leeza Gibbons and Sierra Lisa. You are both awesome!


58 Responses to “Plus-Size Models Unite’s Radio Interview with Leeza Gibbons on Hollywood Confidential”

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  58. Great job Elizabeth and Angela!!! Your message is simple – to love others, you must begin by loving yourself. To love yourself – you must accept yourself for who you are and teach your children by example.

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