“Healthy is the New Skinny” — This is Not About a Size. It’s About a Movement. Model Katie Halchishick Tells Me About Her Passion For Healthy Living and Happiness. By Angela

Katie Halchishick photographed by Bradford Willcox

When I first got into the ‘plus’ modeling industry, Katie Halchishick was one of the first models I reached out to for advice, she was so positive and supportive, and I will never forget that. Katie is a plus model with Ford LA and Chicago, Dorothy Combs in Miami, Heffner, and Brigitte Models in Germany. She is an advocate for girls and women around the world who wants to help spread the message of living a healthy and happy life and loving the skin you are in.

Photographed by Bradford Willcox

Speaking with Katie recently, I instantly felt a connection, like I had known her for years, as if she was an old girlfriend. I could feel her passion and commitment to promoting healthy living, self-love, and changing the way the media portrays ‘beauty’. She told me stories of how she goes into LA schools and speaks to fifth graders about health and self-esteem and how many of the young girls she teaches, at the age of ten, think they are ‘fat’. It is in her soul to make a difference, and I am completely 100% with her.

Photographed by Bradford Willcox

I spoke with Katie about her new campaign she has co-founded with clothing designer Jessica Svoboda. “Healthy is the new Skinny” is a t-shirt fundraiser to help Jessica Svoboda get into NY Fashion Week 2011. Jessica is a clothing designer whose breakthrough denim styles for straight and “plus-size” figures are catching attention across the country. She is attempting to be the first designer in the history of New York Fashion Week to used models between sizes 6-10. She applied last year, but was denied by the organizers. The organizers said, “We don’t want to see elephants stomping on the runway.”

Photographed by Bradford Willcox

This year she is applying again, and she needs our support. To not feature Jessica’s line in NY Fashion Week would be a huge loss to the event. Not only would it be ground breaking to include her, but also it is just the start of things to come. Jessica will be launching her ready to wear collection for all women sizes 2-28 and she will be using models from the nation’s newest plus-model agency, Natural Model Management.

If we want to see a change, we all need to come together and support one another. If this is something you feel strongly about, then please, let your voice be heard! We believe diversity should be represented, every size, shape, age, and ethnicity! We also promote healthy living and self-love. Your self-worth is not defined by what dress size you are. As a mother, I want my children to feel confident and self-assured. I want them to embrace their unique self, and I feel by changing the way the media defines beauty, children of the future will be given that chance.

Photographed by Bradford Willcox

When is New York Fashion Week?

Jessica will be applying for the February Fall / Winter 2011 Fashion Week in NYC.

How did you come together with Jessica to form “Healthy is the new Skinny”? What was the inspiration behind it?

Jessica hired me to model for her new amazing denim line that is out now, and we really hit it off. We share the same goals in life and that is to be free from the limitations of others and always work to better yourself. We had so much fun on the shoot Jessica has such a great personality and more energy than anyone I have ever met!  Needless to say, we started talking about projects and ideas, and then one thing lead to another. We wanted to work together and “Healthy is the New Skinny” was a perfect way to promote a new look for fashion and help Jessica build support from women who want to see healthy models in fashion week!

Photographed by Bradford Willcox

What are you hoping to achieve with this movement?

I would love women of all sizes to come together and be on the same team with a common goal of health and happiness. I really understand the divide between larger vs. skinny because I have been on both sides and I think the greatest lesson I learned from that experience is that a person is just that, a person. I have compassion for women who struggle with weight because I did myself and so have the women in my family. I also have compassion for a girl who is really thin who is told she is too big because I also know how that feels and the damaging effects that can have on your self-esteem. I hope that as a group we can start to come together with compassion to understand that although we look around and see a million different faces and bodies, the truth is we all feel the same way inside. No matter what color you are, what side of town you grew up in, or what size you may be, every one of us deserves the right to live a happy healthy life. I hope this is motivation for all of us to aspire to be more!


Photographed by Bradford Willcox

Where do the proceeds from the sales of the tee’s go?

A large percentage of the tee’s are going to Jessica Svoboda and the production of the fashion show! The other percentage is going back in to the “Healthy is the new Skinny” fund to build more projects that are in the works to educate girls and women, and show them what healthy really looks like!

What kind of response have you received from fans of Healthy is the new Skinny?

Well, mostly it has been rave reviews with lots of “It’s about time!” and “Thank God.”

The truth is this is just the beginning for us and the amazing team of people who have come together and who are dedicated to this movement. We don’t have time for negativity, we are always working hard to be productive and positive, and our fans have been amazing!

Photographed by Bradford Willcox

* You can find out more about Katie at amodellifeonline.com.

** You can find out more about Jessica at https://svobodastyle.com/.


6 Responses to ““Healthy is the New Skinny” — This is Not About a Size. It’s About a Movement. Model Katie Halchishick Tells Me About Her Passion For Healthy Living and Happiness. By Angela”

  1. Size 6-10 is “elephants”? I have been an elephant all my life… now I must be a Whale or something (Still only a size 12, NOT a Plus size!) That’s really disappointing.

    And these ladies are very pretty.

  2. I LOVE this slogan! And for me, when you get right down to it, healthy is prettier than super super skinny.

  3. Healthy is the new beautiful! 🙂

  4. JanicenWhite Says:

    I bought a shirt and love it! who can we e-mail, call etc to get them into fashion week? Lets turn up the pressure!

  5. This ladies are stunning and represent true beauty! and I love the Healthy is the New Skinny movement! I support it 100% and I will spread the word about it!

  6. Okay, ALL of these women are hot. Physically perfect, with sparkling smiles to boot!

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