What Do You Love About Yourself? Part II

Allison Cohose

I love the confidence I feel inside. I’m not perfect, and I’m okay with that. Confidence was instilled in me at a young age. I love who I am, and I am very comfortable in my own skin.

Lindsey Bowen

What do I love about me? Simple: my creativity and compassion. These are elements of me that I simply do not, and cannot exist without. Through photography and performance art, I have found ways to explore the beauty in all things, even sadness and regret. The characters I develop on stage are drawn from my compassion for people. I tell these stories on stage to create empathy and joy, for others and myself.

Similarly, when I started Intimate Photography for Women eight years ago, I had the dream that I would capture the unique beauty of each woman, in all the changing seasons of her life. I feel and see no mistakes in our unique design. It is in the eye of the beholder to see and find beauty, and this is what I have set out to do. I do not photograph models; I photograph people. Women come to be photographed by me at transitional points in their life. I listen to their stories; I share in both their joy and pain. It is by relating to my subjects that I am able to capture their spirit, where in lies the art.

As for my physical self, I love my curves. I love my hair, and how it changes with the seasons, red in the fall, and strawberry in the summer. There is a place for vanity in our lives, it has and will always exist in our natures. I do not believe it is a negative quality; it is what we do with our vanity that matters. I do not let the physical picture of myself define my spirit on any given day, and if I ever in self-doubt I turn to creativity and art for outward expression. My children have taught me much of this; they simply do not find the time to dwell on such things.

There is so much beauty in the world, if you set out to find it; you will.

Jess Weiner

What I love about myself is my tenacity and courage.
I’ve accomplished things personally and professionally that surprise and astound (even) me!

Writing two best-selling books, being on Oprah when I just turned thirty years old, attempting to climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge (when I am scared of heights!), walking on fire, having brutally honest conversations with my loved ones, facing deep emotional wounds of my past and getting help for them, tackling super-egomaniac TV personalities while keeping my cool, staying up super late at night to answer e mails from confused teenage girls who hate their bodies, traveling around the world by myself, opening myself up to healthy relationships, knowing when to walk away and when to fight, challenging myself to hang in there when I want to give up, serving as the Dove Global Ambassador for the past three years, doing a workshop with the survivor’s of Columbine High School’s massacre, writing and producing meaningful media, earning every ounce of my success through hard work and dedication, opening myself up to deep love, choosing to live more in balance and acceptance, and learning to love my life in all of its gloriously imperfect ways.

Every single experience I cultivate creates the tapestry of my life. And, it’s a life I am proud of and appreciate and am grateful for…

Emma Ring

I love my smile. I love it because a smile is so much more than just a physical aspect of your face. It shows people who you are! All good things come from smiling; laughter, happiness, and friendship… I’m always smiling…so it’s definitely my favourite thing about me!

Sunday Omony

I’m a Ugandan-Canadian plus-size Model. I love my smile, dimples, and having a good laugh. I’m an honest, supportive, and loving person. I love my soft skin and long legs. When I’m down, I always try to think positive. I settle for nothing less than happiness! 🙂

Michelle Gay

When I use to think about what I loved about myself, I would have probably had to stop and think about it. My collarbones. My smile. My height. What I have learned over the past year, in doing major soul-searching, is that much of my personal love has been tied to weight, body image, and my perception of what is ‘good’ and ‘bad’ in those regards. When I started to let go of being validated extrinsically, I began to really see who I was as a person. I started to see that I have compassion, tenacity, strength, perseverance, and a resilient spirit to overcome the roadblocks that have held me back. I believe that things that we think bring us love weigh us down, when in fact it’s about looking in our soul…right at the core…and saying to it ‘I LOVE YOU’. I have struggled to say that and only have recently begun doing that and listening to my own voice. I suppose that for a woman, life is a journey of understanding, re-defining, appreciating, and finding the core of our soul throughout our lifetime. Whilst holding onto the fact that loving yourself is the ultimate guide.

You can read Michelle’s blog at eatingjourney.com.

Ashley Holliday

I only recently started loving the shape of my body. Although we have had our feuds, and sometimes I am really hard on it, my shape has always been one of my best assets. I love that when I lose weight or gain weight, my shape stays the same. My curves remain, and I am so grateful for them. I love having a butt. It makes me feel very womanly and soft. It’s such a great feeling to finally appreciate my body.

Suzanne Robotham

When I first read the question, I knew my answer. But, I didn’t think it fit the criteria. The next day your quote was by Dale Carnegie, “Perhaps you will forget tomorrow the kind words you say today, but the recipient may cherish them over a lifetime.” I decided to go ahead and send my answer. When I was in Grad school, I was given a compliment that has stayed with me. A woman who was a year ahead of me in the program watched me walk into the office one afternoon and said, “You are so elegant”. I’m used to people telling I’m pretty, I have beautiful eyes, but I always knew there was more. I’m poised, confident, and elegant. And that’s what I love most about me.

Germaine Baur

My name is Germaine Baur and I am a perfect size 10 Model and TV Personality in Dallas, Texas. What I love about myself is my smile. Since the very moment that I was born, my Mother said I came out in to this world with a big smile on my face. I didn’t believe her so she brought out a 1973 photo of me in my Dad’s lap smiling from ear to ear. I have always been told that I have a beautiful and infectious smile. I love my smile. The comfort, happiness, and joy that it brings to others and me is such a great feeling.

I try to bring happiness to everyone around me, no matter how I might be feeling that day. My smile has awarded me a very nice career and wonderful friends. I always enter a room with smile and dare others to smile back at me!

Shannon Hiett

I think the last time I was a size 6 was in second grade, and I’m totally okay with that. Growing up as a curvy girl was not always an easy endeavor, but coming into my own and celebrating my size has been an absolute joy. I love the fact that my curves create an hourglass shape that would probably be better termed a “day glass”! Being a curvy woman has allowed me to truly appreciate a well-made, flattering, fitted garment, and I am proud to show the curves and contours of my body off in form-fitting clothes. I love the way my breasts are round, my stomach curves out, and my hips expand to allow for the ample size of my bum.

I love getting compliments on my figure, my eyes, my smile, but most of all, my attitude. I am certain that a positive attitude leads to self-loving and ultimately allows others to love me just as much as I do. I encourage women to stop stressing about counting calories and worrying so much about what others think of you and worry more about how you feel, see, and think about yourself. I know I am beautiful; and I know you are, too!


Sage Salzer Miller

What I like about my body and why.

My voluminous bosom.

I use to be really insecure about firmness and even tried applying Preparation H once because I read in some magazine that if you slept with it on that by morning you’d have an instant uplift. It goes without saying that didn’t work. It wasn’t until years later when a modeling agent suggested that better fitting bras would make all the difference and recommended that I get fitted at Intimacy- a lingerie store in NYC. It was there that I learned what a huge difference the right size bra makes! I was surprised to learn that 90% of the support is supposed to be from the band fit and only 10% from the straps. Interestingly, most fit troubles can be solved by going down a width size and up a cup size. Now I not only feel confident about being a busty woman, but it’s become one of my favorite parts of my body.

Gwendolyn DeVoe

I love that I have finally learned to embrace myself for who I am, flaws included, and relish in the fact that each day is a new opportunity to work on ME! Many young women consider me to be a mentor, motivator, and an inspiration, which can be challenging at times as I feel that my words and my actions are always under a microscope. However, the best way to mentor and to inspire is to be truthful and unapologetic about who you are and what you do. And so, I begin each day with a promise to myself to live life to the fullest…for me!

For more information about Gwendolyn DeVoe please visit her websites at www.dseventsinc.com and www.fffweek.com.

*Thank you, ladies! You are all beautiful!

**What do you love about yourself?


8 Responses to “What Do You Love About Yourself? Part II”

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  2. Love this article~
    I love my eyes, my lips and my eagerness and willingness to always look for the best in a given situation. I am supportive, loving and very kind.
    I hope to touch people and made an impact not by my actions, but the by my kindness and love.

  3. i love yo emma ring your so dawn beautiful

  4. Wow! This can be 1 of the top blogs I’ve actually arrive throughout on this subject. Merely Magnificent

  5. Enjoyed reading each entry from these beautiful, intelligent women.

  6. Love what all of these ladies had to say!!! I love my SOUL it’s Genuine, I am sure of my steps in life, I love the me I’m looking at in the mirror, I love the fact that my Soul is happy that I live right, and my God is proud of me for loving the skin I’m in, the skin he has given me! In finding out who I am and working on me, I am able to share my love end experiences with other women who want to feel great inside and out through the things that my life has to offer. I love my Soul its also Big Bold and Beautiful!

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  8. […] “When I started to let go of being validated extrinsically, I began to really see who I was as a person.” ~Me here on this post. […]

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