A Review of ABC Family Show Huge by Angela & Elizabeth


We watched Episode 3 of HUGE Monday night and we loved it! There is so much going on with the various characters and we love the way the story line is unfolding. HUGE is great because it has depth, covers real issues, has no limits, the characters are completely relatable, and the writers handle the issues in a positive and healthy way.

The characters are lovable with distinct and unique personalities that show real individual and societal complexities. We like that. That is what makes the show so relatable. Most people have been made fun of or have felt insecure at some point in their life. Every person is complex and has a story to tell; no matter what age, size, color, or shape they may be.

Episode 3 brought Angela and I to tears a few times. We have both felt insecure at times, have been made fun of, laughed at, ignored, or ridiculed; it hurts. As mothers, we have both had to deal with our children being teased, left out, and have heard other parents disturbing stories. It’s hard to see your child being teased, left out, or hurting. We know it’s inevitable and part of life. It’s so important for parents to be there for their children, be their number one supporter, and to help them deal with real life issues.

We love at the end of Episode 3, when the kids discuss their issues amongst themselves, make amends, and raise their flags in surrender. It takes a strong person to admit they are wrong. What a wonderful example to set for the viewers.

At the end of the episode the head counselor, Dorothy, asks everyone to hold up their white flag and says,

“So much of the time it feels like we are at war. Every day is a battle we have to win. But, what if we stop fighting? Is it even possible to stop attacking other people and ourselves, and just surrender… I surrender.”

Then Dorothy and everyone else threw their flags in the fire while saying they surrender.

No matter where you go, there will always be a fight to fight. But, to surrender, to live life, to accept what you have, to be who you are, and to be proud of that – no one can take that away. When they all waved their flags and surrendered that was a powerful moment. If we could all do that – surrender, it would make a big difference.


2 Responses to “A Review of ABC Family Show Huge by Angela & Elizabeth”

  1. I was curious about this show. When I saw it advertised in People Magazine, I worried that it was another sign of our country embracing obesity instead of steering people toward healthier living. From your review, it sounds like it’s more focused on people accepting themselves and accepting other people for who they are. I hope that is the message that continues to come though because I think that people loving themselves inside will make the biggest difference on the outside. Thank you for the review. I think I’ll see if this show is on hulu!

  2. This was actually the first episode I saw, and I’m totally hooked. I LOVED it. And LARPing is something I have myself made fun of a lot. But somehow, it was transformed into this adorable thing. This show feels totally needed and appropriate

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