What Is Your Reaction to ABC Family’s Show Huge? Here is Our Reaction…

When we first saw the advertisement for the ABC Family’s show “Huge” and watched the 30-second preview trailer, we didn’t know what to expect. The advertising poster of Will, in her bathing suit looking insecure, embarrassed, and uncomfortable was concerning. She looked ashamed and as though she was trying to hide her body. We did not like the poster (see picture in below post). We knew it was probably a marketing strategy, but for us, as women who have both dealt with self-esteem and body image issues, it was a turn off.

Prior to the premiere, we talked with many women about their feeling regarding the show. Most of the women hoped for the same thing, for the show to go in a positive direction. We had our doubts, but we were cautiously optimistic. One of our initial concerns was that the writers would not incorporate loving yourself by being healthy and taking care of your body, but they did.

We love that the cast discussed real problems, issues, and feelings, such as being ashamed of having a muffin top, feeling “fat”, obsessing in the mirror, sneaking treats, idolizing pictures of other women, crushes, exercise, and dealing with friendship issues and eating disorders. These are all real issues teens and adults are dealing with. 

The characters all come from different backgrounds with unique emotional issues and everyone has a story to tell. The writers did a great job of setting up a myriad of story lines to grow from each of the characters. It will take a few episodes for the dialogue and story lines to flow, but the intentions look good.

We love that the show wasn’t glamorized or shown in a Hollywood style backdrop. The characters are struggling to embrace and love who they are, and they feel accessible. Everyone in the world, of every body type, has something they have struggled with or are currently struggling with. Some people admit their issues, while others try to hide their issues by painting a pretty picture. We love that the show is recognizing this. Some of the characters struggle to eat in moderation while others have different issues; like George who deals with his loss of hearing. The media play a big part in making celebrities look as if they have a perfect life, and so many people believe it! This show is a breath of fresh air.

We do have two concerns…

We feel that the bulimia/eating disorder issue was important and should have been handled differently and discussed further. They put a serious issue out there, avoided the problem, and then left it to fend for itself. That topic could have been an episode in itself we hope the topic will be discussed further in episode two.

One of the other things that bother us was that the “thin” trainer immediately came across as a negative character. We didn’t like that. We would like to see girls and women of different sizes coming together and helping each other in a kind, positive way. We definitely think bullying and mean girls should be discussed because that is reality, but we think they should go in a positive direction with the trainer. Maybe she had her own body image or self-esteem issues that give her the intense persona she has and that motivates her to help others overcome their issues. We hope they go in that direction. We don’t need any more dividing of supposed “thin” vs. “overweight” girls and women.

The concept of the show is a good start and it could be fantastic! We think the show is going in a great direction and that overall, it delivered!

*What did you think?


8 Responses to “What Is Your Reaction to ABC Family’s Show Huge? Here is Our Reaction…”

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  2. Daniela Araújo Says:

    After a few years of research and activism on the field of eating difficulties, and after watching the fifth episode I think Huge is a thumbs up. I don’t like the poster too, and agree that they should properly adress the eating disorder issues – since EDs are just the farther end of the spectrum of body image /weight/eating problems. But I really like the way the storyline is going: away from dieting, exercise and weight management and adressing the emotional issues and backgrounds regardless of weight. It seems to me they are focusing more on the ways that people’s behaviour (bullying, teasing, need of acceptance, family background, interest in crative activities etc) shape the experiences of innadequacy and self steem rather than just size or appearance. And that is really awesome.

  3. Growing up, I often heard that old saying, “Beauty is only skin deep.” Well, I’ve lived long enough to know, that ain’t where its at. Real beauty, [in my opinion], is inwardly apparent and creates a glow from the soul outward. I’ve met very few large persons who were “difficult to know.” Most seem to have the ability to be so happy they make others around them happy also.

    I’ve done research…. and here’tis..
    The reason males have a hard time with us:
    a.) The Bee Shape Theory….
    1. When girls are babies..they have the solid middle, with head, arms & legs…
    2. When the girls get to child bearing age they stretch out, get thin in middle .. in other words..trigger the male’s desire to copulate/recreate… it’s a hormonal thing.. and we all know they are sight oriented.
    3. Males usually like to think they can “be heap big um provider” so to feed up their heart’s desire… see her thin…she’s needy…he provides for her, feeds her up and she increases in size, thereby being “satisfied” and he too is “satisfied” with that part of his maleness ego. And if she is already heavy ..not so much attracted to her, perhaps thinks subconsciously somebody else has already been there, done that, so to speak..or at least not into it.
    4. As we age we go back to the rotund, round shape with head, arms & legs.. No, little middle.. so male hormones are no longer triggered by sight… and when the wife gets older, he starts looking to younger women who still have those curves that alert his hormones to get active. The rounder ones make him think of Mom or Grandma.
    Having lost my husband to a pregnant 17 yr old, have learned mucho through the years…

    At age 13 I was 5’1″ and weighed 165lbs. In my 14th yr my Mother took me to MD who said my metabolism was way too slow… he suggested Thyroid which I took that year…. grew 5 and 1/2 ” that year and at age 15, I was 5′ 10.” Looked like a “taffy pull” had taken place on me. But, thin in the mid and very large busted, you can guess the remarks I had to listen to going up and down the halls in High School. At that time my measurements were the same as Jane Russell, but I was taller. Met her a few years ago and the only thing on her that hasn’t changed, like the rest of us, was that unmistakable voice of hers. She was still very relaxed, regal and lovely in public.

    We can live, learn and last, but think is best we laugh, like and love, lots!

  4. This type of program could shine a favorable light on those of us who are more than adequately endowed if the sensibility is kept sincere. There are many of us who endure harsh attitudes and comments from everyone from our closest familial relationships to medical practitioners who don’t/won’t or haven’t taken the time to examine the individual in front of them. When in hospital for a period of more than 3 months after an auto crash, my physician determined to as he put it, “Get that excess weight off you.” Well, he did work extremely hard over those months, seeing me every day, he tailor ordered my food, meds, and really did every test imaginable daily to find out why… and he would drop the caloric intake daily..would lose a pound the first day, then stop… He kept lowering until getting below 600 calories per day and gave up saying I should NEVER try to lose by lowering calories… my body just would attack itself rather than turn loose of the fat… He cited several different theories going back to the Irish Potato Famine …[my heritage].. and since my body was all “banged up” by the accident, extra exercise wasn’t possible now either… so, there it is…. Trapped! I tried fat burners that did work, ..for a time… dropped 25lbs quickly and was ecstatic, till got so ill with upper respiratory infections and nervous hissy’s, couldn’t go it and my MD said there were signs of nerve problems… yikes..trapped again.! Finally just gave up and said, you know…like it or lump it. Can’t change it, so may as well just learn to enjoy living with it. So, here it is.

    In hospital after surgery on spine, MD at next bed over [in recovery room] was a plastic surgeon. Asked him if he did bariatric remedies and he said yes. Asked him if he knew of the fact they were using fat cells in research for the stable T-cells found there. He said he did know about it. I asked him if he’d like to “farm” some of mine, “I’ve got lots! Would love to share, just take all you want..” lol. He gave me his card. Now that is a gentleman. Now the fun buster to all this was my regular MD Internist said, “You probably would not be a candidate. Diabetics don’t do very well with any such surgeries.” Oh, pill!

    When I signed on to this site, thought it might be a way for us to talk and hopefully find a group of ladies who actually know what I’m feeling and talking about. Also, thought might learn some new places to find clothing that hopefully will fit this Texas Size Gal, I happened to be. 5’10 1/2″ + 2 or 3X clothing. I need tops that are at least 32″ long and am trying to design undergarments that I can wear. Since that wreck, can NOT wear the standards.

    Well, if anybody reads this, will be listening/reading for a response.

    Best regards to all you other large & lovlies.

  5. We at Plus-Size Models Unite believe that everyone of all shapes, sizes and ages has their own unique beauty. This is a positive place for girls and women to come to find inspiration and to discuss body image, self love, fashion, beauty, and many other topics!

  6. hugefan! Says:

    well uh I’m what you would call “chubby”… lolz… and i loooove huge!! why should i have to hate my body! everyone else is wrong, bein fat is great

    skinny people are ugly. blech.

  7. branwen you suck at spelling

    also you have a bad name

    also huge is an awful show for awful people

  8. My name is Branwen.I am 13 years old. and i am pressured every day with the thought that i have to look a certain way to be beutiful. i am not the only one. every human being has tht pressure. the other part to my story is that i have always had the dream to be a model, catwalking, . making faces in the mirror . the last part that you should know, is that even though i am curvy. i would be put into the “plus” size catagorie. catagories…can you beleive it? we catagorize people to the exent that peopel kill themselves. how is that even right? its not.

    when i watched the show “Huge” i had hope that maybe the world could start excepting people for there own size. and see what is on the inside, and love also the part that is on the outer shell. this topic needs to be recognized. this organazation “Plus Sizes Models Unite” someday, i prommis to be a part of making this change, this NEEDS to be changed.
    thank you

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