Did Lizzie Miller Start a Body Image Revolution?

Photographed by Seth Sabal

Lizzie Miller caused quite a stir while posing nude for the 2009 September issue of Glamour magazine. She has been referred to as “the woman on page 194.” When we first saw her image in Glamour magazine, our initial thoughts were “Finally! What a breath of fresh air.”

Finally, the time had come to see an image of someone that we could relate to. It took someone like Lizzie to start a wave, to start a crusade for women everywhere. There is more to Lizzie than being “the woman on page 194.” We hope this interview will help you see the true beauty that radiates from within her.

Glamour Magazine – Photographed by Patrick Shaw

Please tell us where you are from, and how you got started in the modeling business.

I’m from San Jose, CA. I got started with my modeling career by going to a Model Search that I had heard about on the on the radio. My mom was convinced it was a scam, so I paid for part of it. The model search was held at a huge hotel in San Francisco and had all sorts of agencies there. I was called back by a few of the agencies. Since I was only thirteen, my dad kept in contact with the few agencies who called me back (including Wilhelmina) and we made a trip out to NY the following summer. I signed with Wilhelmina then.

Please tell us about your experience regarding the September issue of Glamour magazine, which featured you nude along with an article about feeling comfortable in your own skin.

It was my first nude shoot, so before it, I was a little nervous. But it was weird, as soon as I was on set; I was comfortable and felt confident. I pleasantly surprised myself that day! I thought I would be nervous! But, I actually felt really good. Everyone was really professional and made me feel even more comfortable.

Photographed by Rafa Galler

What misconceptions do you think society has of plus-size women?

I think the biggest misconception is that all plus-size women are unhealthy and overweight — which is not true. I guess that brings up the question: What qualifies as “Plus Size.” I’m a size 12-14 and 5’11, and for my body, it’s a comfortable size. I’ve always been athletic and have never been a skinny girl. But, I enjoy working out, playing sports, and eating right. Now, if I’m craving some sweets, I do let myself indulge but, it’s all about checks and balances. Let yourself have a cookie–not five.

Most of the fellow plus-size models I work with are proportionate and in shape. Their bodies just happen to rest comfortably at a size 12 or above.

Have you ever struggled with self-esteem or body image issues in the past? If so, how did you reach the point of accepting and loving your body as it is?

I think every girl, at some point, has struggled with body image (including me)! It’s a huge problem and it’s not talked about enough. I use to be so self-conscious that I wouldn’t even change in from of my friends and family; I would run to the bathroom. But, being in this industry has made me feel comfortable with myself because you HAVE to be. It started with me changing in front of one stylist, then another, and another. They’re not even looking at me; they’re more focused on getting the clothes ready, etc. So once I realized that they’re not staring at me, I became more comfortable. After 8 years of changing in front of many different people, you get used to it.

Another trick I would try when I was younger was that I would wear my bikini around my house before going to the beach so I could get use to the feeling of showing that much skin. The more you do it, the more comfortable you become.

Photographed by Rafa Galler

What advice would you give to young women who are struggling with self-esteem, confidence, or body image?

Do not be so hard on yourself. If you slip up and eat a lot of cookies one day, just workout the next day. Stop comparing yourselves to other people. Everyone has a different body shape and some people are just naturally skinny. It’s exhausting trying to be really skinny when your body is athletic and curvy. It was so liberating for me when I finally accepted myself the way I am and stopped comparing myself to other girls.

Plus-Size Models Unite embraces women of every shape, size, ethnicity, and age, which includes women who are short, tall, plus, thin, and every woman in between. We applaud diversity and support women to find the inner strength to accept, respect, and embrace their uniquely beautiful self. We know you feel the same way. Please tell us your thoughts about promoting the fact that beauty comes in every size.

I’ve always said beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. I think skinny girls have just as many self-confidence issues as curvy girls. It comes down to the mind. If you think you are beautiful then you will be because your confidence will exude through you. Everyone has a different body type and the most important thing is recognizing which shape YOU are. Not what the girls looks like in magazines and not like what the girls look like on TV. We all need to stop comparing ourselves to unrealistic expectations of Beauty.

Photographed by Rafa Galler

What does being healthy mean to you?

Being healthy means getting enough sleep, staying active, and eating healthy food. I go by the color rule. Always try to have some color on your plate (greens, colorful fruits, etc); most unhealthy things are a brown color (or fried). Find exercise that’s fun! If it’s fun, it won’t feel like working out. I love to dance, so I take any dance classes that sound interesting to me–as long as it has great music! Music is definitely important for working out. If you’re not a runner and want to become one, make an
awesome upbeat playlist and it will be more fun as well. (I don’t jog on the treadmill that much–I prefer dance classes, but when I do run, a really good playlist helps me!)

Out of all the places your modeling has taken you – where is the most memorable?

The most memorable place I’ve been is Barcelona, Spain. I’ve always wanted to go there and the shoot happened to fall on Valentine’s Day weekend. Since I travel so much for work, I had acquired A LOT of frequent flyer miles. So I used those miles to get my boyfriend a ticket to go with me. It was such a great weekend!

Photographed by Rafa Galler

Where do you like to shop for clothes and who are your favorite designers?

I shop all over. I really like Mystique Boutique; it’s a small store that has several locations in New York. I also like Zara, Arden B., H&M, and Urban Outfitters. Some of my favorite designers are Max Azria, Roberto Cavalli, and others.

What are some of your favorite beauty products or must-haves?

MoroccanOil deep conditioner. (http://www.moroccanoil.com/)

Please tell us about your singing career.

I’ve been singing ever since I could. I was always in school choir and musicals. I’ve been taking one-on-one voice lessons for two years now and piano lessons as well. I write lyrics and come up with melody to songs. I’m learning piano, so the writing music part became easier.  I’m currently working on my demo tape and getting my written lyrics out there for people to hear.

What are you excited about right now?

I am really excited about an upcoming shoot in London that I have for Spririto Catalog! I have never been there before, and I always love to visit places that I have never seen!

*Thank you, Lizzie!

Lizzie Miller has been with Wilhelmina on the Plus Size Board since she started modeling at age thirteen. She told us that she has two sisters and a supportive mom and dad.

What do you think about Lizzie’s Glamour magazine shoot? Do you think Lizzie Miller started a body image revolution? How do you feel about your body image? We would love to hear your thoughts!


95 Responses to “Did Lizzie Miller Start a Body Image Revolution?”

  1. Thom Stanton Says:

    Kudos to this woman. She looks HUMAN, not artificial and disgusting!!

  2. “Did Lizzie Miller Start a Body Image Revolution?
    Plus-Size Models Unite” definitely enables myself contemplate a small amount more.

    I treasured each and every individual part of
    it. Thank you -Heriberto

  3. I truly have a tendency to agree with everything that ended up being authored
    inside “Did Lizzie Miller Start a Body Image Revolution?
    Plus-Size Models Unite”. I am grateful for all of the details.
    Thank you,Lorri

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  8. Give me a break. This woman isn’t plus size at all. All this article does is make normal sized girls think they’re plus size and plus size girls feel disgustingly fat. The fashion industry needs to wake up and realize that words like “plus” and “extra large” make women feel worthless. You’re not just large.. you’re extra large (even though you’re only a size 12!!!!) I’m 5’10” and the NORMAL weight range according to the CDC for that height is 129-173 pounds. YES, one hundred and twenty nine pounds is suppose to be in the normal range for someone who is almost six feet tall. What a joke. I would look like a walking skeleton at that weight. The fashion industry is more than happy to reinforce this position by labeling normal sized girls as plus sized (so that truly plus size women think they’re horribly obese) and labeling borderline anorexic looking women as healthy individuals. Stop doing this! Being -healthy- is what is important. Being -healthy- is what is beautiful. Stop telling women that their size is what makes (or doesn’t make) them beautiful individuals. Get real.

  9. fitness…

    […]Did Lizzie Miller Start a Body Image Revolution? « Plus-Size Models Unite[…]…

  10. Thank you so much for posting this. I am a 5’11” young woman who wears 12-14 pants and .. my body looks quite similar to yours!! I have always been the largest of my female friends: murder on my self esteem when we go shopping together. As you know, finding a healthy relatable woman whos tall with curves is no easy task. Once again.. thank you. I no longer feel like I’m too big.

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  12. She is carrying a lot of baby fat around her waist,so she must be brave to expose her stomach to the world like that and it shows that she has had children because that belly roll looks very loose and untoned and stretchmarks are evident

  13. […] 13, 2010 by Steve Byrne Interesting article-  about the latest super model in the making Lizzie Miller.  Lizzie is a model with a difference and she’s about to lead a revolution – as a plus […]

  14. One of my favorite things about the beauty of women is variety.
    I’m so glad women don’t all look exactly alike.
    Not that looks are everything. Health is really important and women tend to look the most attractive when they’re healthy.
    So please don’t sacrifice your health for a percieved improvement in beauty.

  15. I love Lizzie. I was inspired by the original interview in Glamour. I hope to see more of her and that she continues to encourage young girls and women alike.

  16. She is beautiful. That is much more how real women look, for Pete’s sake!

  17. Nice interview. There’s hope for each of us yet! 🙂

  18. She’s an amazing inspiration to all woman.

  19. […] 17, 2010 by BeeBee După ce am citit http://plussizemodelsunite.com/2010/05/14/did-lizzie-miller-start-a-body-image-revolution/ m-am hotărât să scot de la „naftalină” ceva ce am scris mai demult. Sper să vă placă! […]

  20. […] to Lizzie Miller, and some webcomic news First off, when I logged in today, I stumbled across this article over at “Plus-Size Models Unite.” Its about Lizzie Miller – who I wouldn’t […]

  21. I love this post well because the posts about plus sized women aren’t consistent enough. Lizzie’s beautiful. And it’s great to actually see someone on a magazine that has some meat in her. NO FUN HUGGING STICK FIGURES DARLING. Though who am I to talk.

  22. […] This is a very cool article lol even if I would still rather be thin. More power to her/them. […]

  23. dessousblog Says:

    What a beautiful woman! Not one of this “Hungerhaken” (“hunger catch” or “skin and bones”) as we say in German. All this models only tell me: “Feed me!” Lizzy looks healthy and happy. That’s the way it should be…

  24. I think she is perfect. Oh what I’d give to be a size 12!

  25. Though size 12 sounds a plus one to most, she does not look overweight, on the contrary she looks perfectly healthy and beautiful from outside and inside, living a full life.
    Seeing more of beatuful people like her on the podium will gradually make us accept that the ideal is not in the size but health. But I feel it will be an evulution rather than a revolition.

  26. Seriously? Are you kidding me? Just because most models are matchsticks doesn’t make this one “plus size”. She looks like she eats occasionally and that makes her “plus-size”? The world knows skinny waifs are not normal and to me they are not beautiful at all. Don’t get me wrong this woman is beautiful and sexy, but not “plus-size”.
    So photograph a woman with some real chub and then you can call her “plus-size”. By the way, the “lights, camera and action” of a modern photo shoot should be changed to “lights, camera, action, photoshop!” Just like any professional model, who know what Lizzie Miller really looked like before all that touch up? It’s laid on thicker than her make-up!

  27. Incredible! At first look, she doesn’t look to be a size 12. Looking through the photos still doesn’t give you an idea that she’s ‘plus sized.’ She simply looks healthy and I’m envious. She radiates confidence, health, beauty, and wisdom. This is such an important message that ALL women need to hear; thanks for posting!! 🙂

  28. excelente opinion

  29. How is she plus sized? There’s nothing to her! Yeah, more than most models… But a normal thin girl could look like that after having a child, and it could just be skin! I hardly weigh 100 and my skin did that after I had her… and I am still an extra small/double zero jean after having my daughter! How is skin pudging over your panty line plus size!? Yes, it is nice to not see skin and bone… But it’s not plus! Do you know how degrading that statement could be to some girls? I just sat here and looked down at my flat stomach with some stretchy skin and thought… “Is this what they call plus now?” DO they want to increase eating disorders?

  30. agenciamodels Says:





  31. Victoria Says:

    she’s beautiful and she has the same body as myself. so nice to see

  32. shame for this pic,s

  33. Karoline Says:

    she’s absolutely beautiful. I’m sick and tired of magazines with models with their ribs sticking out. I hope other magazines will follow and have more models like Lizzie. However, I don’t think she’s a plus size, how about calling her NORMAL or “average” sized????

  34. What a stunning woman, and an informative interview.

    It still shocks me that a woman who is essentially a healthy and “normal” size and weight is considered “plus” to the modeling industry, and therefore, in the media. And of course, that all trickles down to female body image, from an early age.

    It continues to astonish me that we, as a society, don’t embrace our variations more fully, accept our sensuality and sexuality, and stop binding ourselves to whatever the latest trend in thinness or plastic surgery might seem to require to be “acceptable.”

    Having lived parts of my life in France, where – granted – most women tend to be quite size-conscious, the culture nonetheless celebrates women of varying looks and all ages. There is no plastic “perfect,” and far less lack of self-confidence.

    Interesting that French ELLE recently did a plus size edition which caused quite a stir, and overwhelmingly, showed the beauty of fit women who don’t meet a mini-size standard too long in fashion.

  35. sarastas Says:

    what a great interview! Very inspiring and up-lifting!

  36. I am the first time on this site and am really enthusiastic about and so many good articles.
    I think it’s just very good.


  38. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


  39. She is a “plus size” model? She is far from that…. no wonder people have body image issues. She is beautiful and nicely proportioned.

    Real Women Rule!

  40. This blog is very good. Thanks for this. I will bookmark this page.

  41. Rawnie Hansen Says:

    I wish more magazines would take a cue from Glamour and start showing normal looking women in ads and articles that can serve as a real inspiration to their readers. Not all women are stick thin like we usually see in magazines. If you walk down the street you will see that everyone is different and has differrent bodies. Why is this not reflected in magazines?

  42. Its fantastic to look at. I love it.


  43. Anna Papachristos Says:

    How can the media possibly think she qualifies as a plus-size model? Not only is she beautiful, but her image is that of the typical woman. She isn’t a stick, but she is far from fat. If this is what they consider plus-size today, then it is no wonder that girls and young women aspire to have pencil-thin figures. Being mere skin and bones is not healthy and, in my opinion, more “plus-size” women should be featured. People need to realize that Photoshop should not dictate the standards of beauty.

  44. It is so sad that people obsess about a few extra pounds! You dont have to be 105 to be sexy. I thought men like a woman with curves! Great read!

  45. Yeah, a woman with real thighs, boobs and a tummy can be sexy. who would’ve thunk it?

  46. Inspiring Interview! I really enjoyed realding about Lizzie Miller! I loved the bit about how she lets herself indulge on sweets, but doesn’t over do it! A fun read!

  47. […] May 16, 2010 by karenzshop Model Leona Palmer has an article on Huffington Post, with an introduction on the website Plus Models Unite […]

  48. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing this. I have battled anorexia, bulemia, body-image disorder, depression, and such with various titles. I am blessed with an amazing partner who has been telling me what this article suggests since we met: That I am a woman, and I have a woman’s body and it is beautiful. Little things like this make me feel 100% better and help me to love my body. Thank you.

  49. My very special woman is plus-size & has combated the stigma of over-weight-ness since we’ve met. I’ve done all I can to help her comfort level, but the most important thing is helping her get to an “ideal” size (in her own eyes). I love her the way she was (when heavier). I love her now (a bit trimmer), but the most important thing is letting her know that no matter her size, I love HER!!! Still, her problem, as reflected above, is not w/her or me, but of our sickly cultural obsession w/stick-figured “girls”, who look like they’re 10 – 12 years old! This is, in ways, a type of pedophilia-like orientation & could be why this imagery is pushed by old guys. I guess when our culture “grows-up,” mature-looking women will be the media rage and very much the norm… By the way, Ms. Palmer is thin, by comparison…

  50. […] visit PLUS SIZED MODELS UNITE to read an interview with Ms. […]

  51. Ahh finally! A natural and healthy sized beauty, who is not ashamed to show her body.
    Bring back the curvaceous 50s body image I say! 🙂

  52. Michelle Says:

    This is to “lifeaftereighty” – way to go!!!!

  53. Great! She’s not really plus-sized, but (in my opinion) is normal sized – hurrah!
    Her size – healthy and I wish we could see more models this size.
    Good interview as well.

  54. I’m not aware that Lizzy started anything but … at 84, I want to share that I recently got into belly dancing.

    Never have I seen anything that compares with this fun, strenuous exercise to open new doors to accepting and appreciating the female form … my OWN female form. I swear.

    It’s magic. I dropped my six extra pounds in a week and feel feisty and girlie again. We are always woman.

  55. The most important part of our own life is to responsible for how we feel about our own self.

    I enjoy seeing real pictures of real everyday people. Not the celebrities, not photo-shop, just us as we truly are.

  56. badmammy Says:

    Lizzie Miller is hardly fat & not even what I would call plus size. I think it’s awful that a healthy looking woman would be called fat. Jeeeez, I wish I was that fat!!!

  57. Newstome Says:

    I’m 5’10” sz 12-14 and people tell me I’m thin. She’s not plus; but is very lovely & has a beautiful face that would look good on any size body. She inspires confidence and fashionista without shame! Finally! Dress to feel good ladies!!

  58. Finally, a real woman in a photo shoot! She most certainly is not ‘plus-sized’!! I agree that we should call the ‘normal’ models mini-sized or something like that. Lizzie Miller is stunning! Be proud of the way you are, how you look and feel!

    Love this article!

    • Female human beings! I love them! And I’m happy, and congratulate you, for the way you’re introducing a fair way to see (or look) at real people. I hope in a certain way this could send and S.O.S. for aiding extra-thin models that really put their lives in danger!

      I beg your pardon for my English. Have a nice weekend!

  59. This article is beautiful.

    I’m 15. And actually, I’ve been caring so much about my body lately (I just came from the gym with my mom). I’m not as skinny as the girls in the magazines I love and the shows I watch all the time. They don’t have cellulite and “love handles”; and it’s been exasperating trying to be like them.

    But this made me change my mind. Thank you. (:

  60. The world had better be glad that I don’t look like that! For if I did, I’d be struttin’ around like a peacock…and acting way too cute! She is absolutely stunning! She gives women hope: Attainable hope. Beautiful!

  61. Plus size? That’s a laugh. This girl is what most “normal” women look like. She is very tall but otherwise appears to have curves that say VaVaVoom! sex appeal. After looking at her photos and looking in the mirror I would never have labelled myself a “plus-size” before. It’s an insult to refer to this gorgeous girl as anything but gorgeous and normal.

    • “…as anything but gorgeous and normal.”

      being plus size and being “gorgeous and normal” are not mutually exclusive.

      While I think your critique is a valid one to make… when we think plus size we don’t think her dress size (maybe an 8 or a 10). But she is nomalizing what was less normal than before.

      The direction of the change is positive even if it isn’t as much as we would hope for.

    • Can you not be gorgeous, normal and plus size? Please.

  62. Awesome yet down-to-earth. Like how Lizzie does with her life as a mature woman, not only the steady modeling career, but she also strongly pursues the musical career — not just sing but write the lyrics, come up with melody with her piano. What an awesome life. Go…go…go…for it, Lizzie…

  63. there should be more pictures of girls like her in magazines and on the covers. although she hardly looks plus size to me. She’s what i would call normal size 🙂

  64. How refreshing!

    And what a gorgeous girl.

  65. Songbird Says:

    Even though I completely applaud the use of “plus size” models in magazines, it does make me laugh (and a bit sad) that your completely normal healthy women are labeled as plus-size. Well, compared to the abnormal size 0s who usually grace these magazines, yes, but c’mon….lol

  66. All I see is fat. Dam girl get to the gym!

  67. Calling this beautiful woman plus size is crazy! My goodness, look at those beautiful curves and healthy looking body. This is normal! Plus size has negative meanings; why are we celebrating that she’s different because of her weight…i.e. her “plus-sizeness” when we should be celebrating her as is!

  68. onesmallgirl Says:

    thank you so much for posting this! its so encouraging, and shes so beautiful. confidence is definately the key to gorgeous

  69. What an amazing interview!!! Love her!!

  70. Full steam ahead for all plus-size women!

  71. This is awesome. Lizzie Miller is the first plus model I had really heard about since Emme and it was all because of the picture in Glamour. I love how she’s not sucking her stomach in. 😉 Very cool and real life. I am so glad she is on your site! Keep up the inspiring work.

  72. this is brilliant! this woman is stunning…especially when placed up against the likes of kate moss. and after looking at these photos, it really is hard to believe she’s “plus size”. looks pretty normal to me. maybe we should rename “normal” models “mini-size”.

  73. Even if she is plus sized (and honestly she doesn’t look like my stereotype of the image at all), she’s got her weight distributed in all the right places. This doesn’t change how uncomfortable girls with unusual weight-gain patterns feel about themselves; in fact, it worsens things: if this is the standard of “heavy” beauty, then what about someone who’s got a little too much underarm fat or love handles but little else?

  74. Great article. Thanks.

  75. Michelle Says:

    What an inspiring interview encouraging women to love themselves for who they are – not for what others think they should be.

  76. ‘Plus’ size may be an industry standard – but more importantly, it is an image. My size might be small to one person but large to another – it is all in the eyes of the beholder. I am thankful for the photos and the image revolution that Lizzie has created! I feel that I am finally looking at someone that I can identify with! Thanks for continuing to post great articles!

  77. D Light Says:

    To me it is hard to believe that this lady is classed as a PLUS size. Who is making the sizing standards. The naming of a size as PLUS is part of creating a stigma. I am all for throwing out the labels and the labeling.

  78. deirdreorr Says:

    It’s wonderful! I think she could be starting a revolution but the damage has been done. To acclimate my generation to something like this is gonna take time. I mean we are the most depressed kids! I am so truly happy that she found peace with her body. I am just now finding peace with mine. I’ve been in sports for most of my life and try to balance my meals but it’s hard for me to lose weight. So I’m coming to terms with that. Thanks for posting! It’s inspiring.


  79. She sounds like a well-spoken, lovely young lady. I’d be more inclined to attribute the seeds of the revolution to the classic TV personality Arlene Francis, though.

    The Codger

  80. stocktoc Says:

    YAY, Angela and Liz!!! So glad to see you on Freshly Pressed; you deserve the spotlight for this effort!

  81. elsapelle Says:

    I enjoyed the interview, but I don’t think she, or anyone else, has started a body image revolution. The modelling industry is still dominated by impossibly skinny teen girls and even the supposed break through Laura Stone is only a size eight. It’s hard to feel good about your body when the media and Fashion industry tells you that 35″ hips count as ‘curvy’.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth. Calling her ‘plus size’ just makes girls who thought they were ‘normal’ now feel like they are ‘fat’ or plus sized. Backfire.

  82. This is great! I love reading these posts…they constantly lift me up each time I read them and help me feel more confident about my body. I love how REAL Lizzie is and love the comment, “I’ve always been athletic and have never been a skinny girl. But, I enjoy working out, playing sports, and eating right. Now, if I’m craving some sweets, I do let myself indulge but, it’s all about checks and balances. Let yourself have a cookie–not five.” Love it!!!!!!!!!

  83. Great interview! I love her tip about wearing your bikini around the house before debuting it by the pool or at the beach. Even if no one else home to see, flaunting a swimsuit around the house can still help girls and women overcome that awkward feeling of being half-nude.

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