Plus Model Katie Lansell-Smith Says Be Confident In Who You Are!

Photographed by Jason Sullivan

Katie is passionate about plus-size modeling and the impact it has on women around the world. She has modeled in Australia, Germany, and the UK. Several of her many clients include Peter Morrissey, NVEY Eco Organic Cosmetics, Myer (Myer is Australia’s largest department store), Autograph, Sara Fashion, Kmart, BeMe, and a plethora of additional clients. She has rocked the catwalk for numerous designers and has graced the cover of many magazines. A few of the magazines she has been featured in are Marie Claire, Women’s Weekly, Fernwood, and Women’s Health Magazine.

Katie also writes articles discussing healthy body image and studied Media, Journalism, and Cultural Studies while attending college in Sydney, Australia.

While interviewing Katie for this interview her kindness and love of life were abundantly clear. Thank you for being who you are, Katie!

How and when did you being modeling?

When I was younger, I did a few television commercials and was asked to do straight size modeling overseas. However, my parents were concerned, as they did not want me to start until I had grown into myself and accepted my body and curves, instead of feeling I had to conform to what the so-called “norm” was for modeling at that particular time. So, after a few years of traveling around the world and gaining some life experience, I came back in a totally different frame of mind. A very close friend of mine in the industry convinced me that I should get into fuller-figure modeling. I met Chelsea Bonner, my agent from Bella Model Management. She is an incredible woman, who has helped me all the way. So, I guess that’s how this wonderful journey started for me, and I am forever grateful for everyone who has supported me.

Photographed by Claudio Raschella

How do you think plus modeling is helping redefine beauty?

In my experiences plus modeling has helped me to be more accepting of my own unique look and shape, but speaking on a broader scale – plus modeling, I believe, redefines a very restricted idea of what beauty is into something that the everyday woman can aspire to be. Every woman should feel beautiful, not just the women who are in the magazines. Plus Modeling emphasizes to women and men around the globe that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and ages.

What advice would you give to aspiring plus size models?

I would say to aspiring plus models to absolutely throw yourself into this wonderful career. To make sure that you are confident and stand strong in who you are. To always be professional, friendly, and maintain balance in your life. To never give up, as sometimes you might feel like you want to, but success is just around the corner. Do not let rejection get you down. I believe we always get the jobs we are meant to have and trust in that. Go for it!

Peter Morrisey Man and Woman Catwalk Parade

What does being healthy mean to you?

I believe being healthy is about being balanced in your life. Being positive in your mind, exercising, eating well, but also allowing yourself the occasional indulgence. Enjoying yourself by being surrounded by uplifting friends and realizing that everyone is on a journey and it might not be the same as yours, but accept people for who they are.

What advice would you give to girls and women, who are struggling with body image and self- esteem issues?

I would want them to know that the first and most important relationship we can have is with ourselves, and with that, we are able to have beautiful relationships and experiences with others. I have always found Yoga (meaning Union) to be an incredible way for me to become present and connect my mind, body, and soul and to quiet the negative internal dialogue. I would highly recommend finding someone you can trust and talk to, whether that is a friend, counselor, parent, or sibling.

Know what works for you and what makes you feel better. Any time you feel down play that song, do some exercise, talk to that friend, or just write a list of the things in your life that you are grateful for. My mother always said to me, “when life throws you lemons, make lemonade’’ and I find this is a wonderful way to look at any situation in life.

Photographed by Paul Westlake for MYER

What is your most memorable modeling experience?

My most memorable experience is, without a doubt, having the opportunity (from my agent in Australia), to go to Germany and Model last year. I fell in love with Germany, the people, and the culture. My agency in Germany, OKAY MODELS, was so wonderful to me and looked after me, which is so special. They made my experience one that I will never forget. The most incredible shoot that I have done so far was the Bella model Vanity Fair style shoot that was shot a month ago By Claudio Raschella. Eleven of Australia’s top plus models were given the opportunity to work together. The energy of the day was so uplifting.

What is your beauty must have?

I  can’t live without Yves Saint Laurent ‘Touché Éclat’. It always brightens up my face. Also, I think a sexy red lipstick is an absolute must have in every woman’s make-up bag.    😉 My favorite red lipstick is from NVEY ECO (an organic make-up).

Photographed by Jason Sullivan

Where do you shop for clothes?

When I want to feel glamorous, I shop at Camilla   ( as her clothes are always guaranteed to make you feel like a million dollars. And, as winter is just around the corner (Katie is in Australia), I get my cashmere fix from Banjo and Matilda. They are a little piece of luxury. ( ) Lastly, I shop at Myer (Australian department store) as it has an amazing range of clothing. (

I am very fortunate to live with my best friend, who is an incredible stylist, so she always gives me styling tips before I go out at night.

What are you excited about right now?

I am so excited about the impact that plus modeling is having on women around the world and the shift in beauty ideals. The endless opportunities that the future hold for women is so exciting. 😉

Thank you for being such a sweet heart, Katie! We look forward to hearing from you again!


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