Italian Plus Model Elisa D’Ospina is Not a Fashion Victim!

There are only a few articles written in English about plus model, Elisa D’Ospina, and we are thrilled to be able to share this interview with you! Elisa was born June 19, 1983 in Vicenza, Italy. She is an international health campaigner, spokesperson for the Italian Ministry of Health, and involved in many high-profile campaigns such as Curvy Can.

The picture below is from the latest Curvy Can ad campaign. Curvy Can is an Italian based organization with the goal of promoting positive body image and raising awareness about eating disorders. The beautiful Italian plus models are (from left to right): Eleanora Finazzer, Mjriam Bon, Elisa D’Ospina, Marina Ferrari, Latvian model Aija Barzdina, and lying down, Valentina Fogliani.

Photographed by Luca Patrone

How and when did you begin modeling?

I started three years ago, thanks to my mother. She found an advertisement in which an Italian agency was looking for plus-size models. I sent in my photos and after a while, they called me for a fashion show. That is how my career began.

How do you define beauty?

It’s a woman who is not afraid of what nature has given her. She loves her femininity and curves, and wants to be fashionable.

What advice would you give to aspiring plus-size models?

I would tell women to believe in themselves and accept a few kilos more. It is not easy to become a plus-size model, but with some determination and sacrifice, it can be done 🙂

Photograph is backstage the Curvy Can photo shoot

What does being healthy mean to you?

We must always have an eye for our health. Our body sends us signals daily. Curves are healthy.

What advice would you give to girls and women, who are struggling with body image and self-esteem issues?

Do not go through it alone, but with the help of specialists, doctors, etc. For example, to avoid diets and DIY (do it yourself restrictions), which destroy your metabolism. Have a regular life, do sports, and participate in all activities that are good for your body and spirit.

You are a well known plus model in Italy. Do you plan to model globally?

I hope to have the chance to model globally. For now, I am already proud to work throughout Europe. Because I have started this long journey, every little step is an achievement.

What is your most memorable modeling experience?

The most beautiful thing that has happened to me has been to become a spokesperson for the Italian Ministry of Health. It has been an incredible honor! I did a campaign with some of my colleagues against eating disorders. I think that public figures should always send a positive message to people.

You can visit Elisa’s website or Facebook for more information.

Fan Club on Facebook:!/group.php?gid=295137077495&ref=ts


9 Responses to “Italian Plus Model Elisa D’Ospina is Not a Fashion Victim!”

  1. anonymous. Says:

    Wtf…they aren’t plus size! They are much more beautiful then the normal XXXS Models…can’t belive this shit.

  2. NLP Life Coaching Says:

    Hi, Really cool post. Such insighful writing is rare these days. Informed comment like this has to be lauded. I’ll certainly be looking in on this blog again soon!

  3. Prudence Orielly Says:

    I wish more people would write sites like this that are actually helpful to read. With all the garbage floating around on the net, it is refreshing to read a site like yours instead.

  4. MusicLyricsNow Says:

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  5. Awesome blog.Much thanks again. Want more.

  6. Zana Bakey Says:

    I’m fourteen, almost on fifteen. I weigh about 165/170 lbs and I’m around five feet, nine inches. My BMI is still in the normal range, but is almost at overweight. I normally do not look overweight, but I really want to get back into shape.

  7. I want to be a plus-size model but there are almost no agencies in Montreal! What should I do??

  8. Beautiful model…She is a top plus size model !!!!!

  9. W Elisa !
    Great Interview, I enjoyed her words…Cheers!
    Elisa è la perfetta incarnazione della Bellezza femminile Italiana/Mediterranea: Morbida e con le Curve, Solare, Seducente, Ironica.
    Italy is the Country of Art, Fashion and of Most Beautiful curvy Women of course and Elisa is the perfect example of Italian Beauty: She has the Beauty, the Charism, the SexyAppeal and the Curves of a Mediterranean Goddess…Her Beauty is as Shining as the Italian Sun !
    I hope she will be soon the Worlwide most appreciated PlusSize model!

    Ciao dalla Sicilia da Aurelio l’unico Artista Italiano/Europeo/Mondiale che celebra le Donne con le Curve nell’Arte.
    W le Curve! W la Vita! W the PlusSizeWomen! W the Life!

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